A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

A wave of the wand (HP fan-fic)

Avery is Serious Black's daughter. She is attending her third year at Hogwarts.You'll find out the rest in the story.

Chapter 2

WTF Uncle?

A/N I'm going to start posting pictures of Avery's various hair colors and the mood the represent. You already know Bright red means she's pizzed.
I’m jerked back to reality when the train stops. I grab my bags and get off, pushing past Draco. I ride in a wagon with my few Slytherin friends. When we get to Hogwarts I hug Ron, Hermione, and Harry since we won’t see much of each other.

I enter the dining hall slowly, admiring the ever changing ceiling. I sit beside my best friend Riana.” What’s wrong? Your hairs dark purple.” She asks, twirling a strand of my hair in front of my face. I slap her hand and she pouts for a millisecond.

“Dad escaped from prison. He’s after Harry but I’m scared of what will happen when he finds out I’m here…..What the bloody hell?!” I say looking at someone I saw hours ago, sitting with the professors. Before I can say or do anything Dumbuldore stands up.

“Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Before we call the first years to be sorted. I’d like to intoduce our new Defense against the Dark Arts, Professor Lupin!” He says and my Uncle gets up for a second and shoots me a guilty look while the dining hall erupts in applause. My hair turns green in shock then bright red for the second time today.

Riana looks from Reamus to me then erupts in a fit of laughs. I hit her upside her head and she stops.” You should’ve been sorted into the Hufflepuff house.” I growl, trying not to laugh when she pouts.

My hair slowly goes back to electric blue as the first years get sorted. Slytherin gets fifty, Hufflepuff’s twelve. Ravenclaw gets fifteen, and Griffindor twenty. After they get sorted we eat. Riana stuffe her face full of food while I pick and eat just a little bit.

After dinner Riana drags me to a picture of Salazar Slytherin.”Password.” He asks. I glare at him at take out my wand. I hate the password and the painting knows it. He cowers underneath my glare and scowl.”You may enter but Black one day I won’t let you in just because of your scowl. One day you’ll have to say it.”The portrait says swinging open.

Riana drags me in the almost empty common room and upstairs to the girl’s dorm. She finds the room we had last year only to see two girls had already taken it. First years.”Move it girls. This is our room.”She growls and they scatter. Riana can be a Slytherin when it suits her. Once they leave she burst’s out laughing, falling on her bed by the door. I drop my stuff on my bed by the window.

“So your uncle’s here. We have him everyday you know. I wonder if he’s here to protect you. I can’t believe you dads out of Askaban! I wonder if he wants to kill you. That would suck.”She rambles on. I zone her out and change into a black cami and a pair of sweats. Nobody in the wizard world have Aeropostle and American Eagle and stuff. The muggle world has it’s perks. Riana finally stops only to beg me for a pair of my sweats. I give her a pair. I learned my lesson my first year. I didn’t give a pair of shoes and she gave me a snout. It took a month to get rid of it!

I fall asleep around midnight only to have nightmares about my dad killing me. Riana had to open her big mouth! I wake up and five to Riana pour a bottle of water on me. I scream, taking my wand out.”Stupify!” Riana falls to the ground. I jump out of bed and I’m in the bathroom with the door closed right as Riana throws a spell at me. I lock the door and take a shower. Before I get dressed I look at the mark on my shoulder that only Riana knows about.

I get out to see Riana throwing my clothes out the window.”Riana!! What the hell! I need those!” I scream at her. She immediately looks sad but I don’t tell her it’s okay. Instead I call for my broom. It flies in the window and then flies out to the ground with me on. I land on the ground smoothly and grab all my clothes. My hands are full and I still have half of them on the ground. Next thing I know Malfoy is beside me picking them. Usually I would shrug off his offer to help but I really don’t want to leave my clothes on the ground. He calls for his whistle then flies with me to my room window. I go in and drop my clothes on the bed then takes the rest from Malfoy.

“Um, thank you. But I still don’t like you.”I say closing the window. I try not to feel guilty when his face falls. He’s just trying to get me on the stupid team.”Riana I swear if you don’t wash, fold, and put these clothes up I will leave you stranded in to forbidden forest while you sleep. I’m going to breakfast and when I get back to grab my books you better have them perfect.” I growl my hair bright red as I stalk out of the room and go to the dining hall.

I find Nevil with Harry and them. It’s either Griffindors or Draco. Easy choice. I sit beside them my hair still red. They raise their eyebrows but one glare has them eating.”So who has Defense Against the Dark Arts first?”I ask eating the gross porridge.

“I do and so does Hermione.”Nevil says trying to straighten his hopelessly crooked tie. I reach over and fix for him.

“Okay just don’t tell Uncle Reamus anything about what I do at school. He doesn’t know I can be as evil as Draco. He so doesn’t need to know that.”I say getting up.”I have to get my books and maybe kill my roommate. See ya!” I call walking out.

It’s sunny and warm so I take my time walking across the courtyard to the Slytherin house. I don’t even have to take my wand out this time. I skip up to my room and open the door in time to see Riana placing the last of my clothes in the draws.”Thanks Ri. Sorry I freaked out. But you do that again I will leave you in the forbidden forest.”I say grabbing my arm and walking down with Riana. We arrive first in the classroom so I get to yell at my Uncle.

He doesn’t see me so I sneak up on him so angry my red hair is actually lifting up. It’s only done that twice in my life and it’s only when a emotion is really strong.”UNCLE!!!! Why the hell are you here?! Why didn’t you at least tell me!? I swear I could throttle you!” I yell in his ear. He jumps two feet in the air and looks at me his face pale.

“I’m here for your safety Avery. You must know by now that your dad, Serious, has escaped Askaban and is prowling around the wizard world looking for Harry. He told me to keep you in the muggle world and I’m scared he might hurt you if he found out you were here. So I decided to teach here so I can keep a close eye on you. Now please calm down honey. Your hair is rising and you know it scares me.”Uncle Reamus says patting my head. I growl and stalk off to sit beside Riana.

“Wow, you must’ve been pissed! Your hair was like a red mane around your head! Oh, and did you know that Draco is in almost all of our classes. That sucks for you. But he did help you so maybe he’s not so bad. Plus even if he is, he’s still hot.”Riana says playing with her long brown hair.
“You know Ri, you really need help if you think Malfoy is hot. Are you sick? Do you have a fever?”I ask playfully putting my hand on her forehead. The only problem is that I do think Malfoy is hot. Extremely hot.

Soon everyone else arrives and I’m stuck between my crazy best friend Riana and the hot, evil, annoying, Draco. This will be a long day.

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