this story is slightly based off of my recent break up......sooo umm....please just read. also please comment and rate,kk thanks.

xoxo becca

Chapter 3

The Next Morning

I slowly opened my eyes,flinching at the sunlight. I layed there,trying to find sleep,but couldn't.

I slowly got out of my bed and walked to the bathroom. I was afraid to look in the mirror,to see what I look like after last night. When I looked in the mirror I saw someone beautiful looking back at me,despite the tear streaked face.

Next I looked down at my wrist. It's covered in dry blood. I grabbed a wet wash cloth and starting to wash away the blood. Then I heard a knock on the door.

"Beckz,you ok?" Devon asked from outside the bathroom. I looked at my wrist before answering.

"Yeah,I guess. Why?"

"It's just...........I heard you crying last night and I was just a facebook a few minutes ago........what happened between you and Corey?"

I sighed,walking out of the bathroom.

"He dumped me in a text a few nights ago. That's what happened."

"That sucks. I'm really sorry Beckz." Devon said giving me an awkward hug. It made us both laugh.


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