Dreaming the life (A Jonas brothers story)

Characters :)

Name: Bailey Jackson
Age: 22
Looks: long curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, skinny,
Personality: Hyper, calm wants to be, sweet, kind and sensitive

Name:- Leah Summer
Age:- 24
Apperance:- reddish brown hair, blue eyes, medium-sized
Personality:- sensitive, very jealous, funny, friendly, truthful

Name:- Lee-ann Rose
Age:- 19
Apperance:- Blonde Hair with Purple tips, Brown eyes and skinny and black geek glasses
Personality:- Random, Nice, Honest and Geeky

Chapter 1

Meeting a Jonas!

Lee-ann, Baliey and Leah walked into a restrant called The Harvest pit because it was Lee-ann's Birthday it was her 19th birthday an her best friends were treating her to a meal "Thanks you guys" Lee-ann said "No problem" Baliey and Leah said "Did you guys know this is to jonas brothers favourite restrant?" Lee-ann said "Yeah! it would be so lucky if they came in" Bailey said "No likely" Lee-ann said "Don't say that" Leah said and suddenly the 3 friends were surprised because the jonas brothers came in because they were celebrating Joe's Birthday and Nick turned to Lee-ann and stared "Oh my goodness Nick jonas is staring at me!" Lee-ann said "Yo nick!" Kevin said "Huh! oh sorry" Nick said but he just keeps staring "You coming Nick?" Joe said "One second" Nick said and he walked over too Lee-ann and said "Hi there, Your cute" Nick said "Oh thanks" Lee-ann said "So do you want too go out?" Nick said "Oh yes please" Lee-ann said and Nick walked away "Oh my Jonas! Did that really happen!" Lee-ann said "Yes it did!" Leah and Baliey said "Well lets order" Lee-ann said and after they ate Nick, Joe and Kevin walked over to Lee-ann, Leah and Baliey "So you ready?" Nick said "Yep" Lee-ann said and Nick and Lee-ann walked out "Heyy! What's your name?" Said Joe "Bailey" Baliey said "That's a pretty name" Joe said "Thanks" Baliey said Blusing "Will you go out with me?" Joe Said "Yes Yes Yes!" Baliey said and they walked out after they left Kevin and Leah stared at each other and they both said "Will you go out with me!" and they both laughed and walked out.


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