Skills & Weaknesses.

Re-Posted from Ericiseric (:
and some of the answers may sound cocky or something. they aren't possed to be. I'm just being honest.

Chapter 1

... :P


Have you ever won a trophy?
Yeah. Softball, basketball, and bowling ones.

Have you ever hit a home run?
Yes sir/ma'am (:

Can you catch a football?
Usually haha. Thats what you get growing up with younger brothers that are into sports.

What's the most you can lift?
Don't know. Never really tried except weight lifting in gym nd that was like 20 or something haha.

How fast can you run 100 meters?
OmyGod, i'm the slowest runner on earth. I don't even know haha.

How fast can you run a mile?
In 8th grade it was like 5minutes 30 seconds lol.

Are you skilled at swimming?

Good at school?
A's and B's. Average.

Push ups?

Sit ups?
They suck but i can do them lol.

Pull ups?
Not even 1. Never could do them.

Can you hit the baseball?
Yep! :D

How far can you throw?
Uhh, i don't know. I play thrid base, so pretty far i guess. I won fist place in the softball throw in 6th grade..

Can you curl your tongue?
Never could.

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?

How skilled are you at video games?
Nazi Zombies XD love that thing, i'm pretty descent actually (:

Talking to people?
I'm shy sometimes aha.

How much food can you eat in one sitting?
Usually seconds.

My favorite thing (: haha.

Can you do a dive?


How often do you strike out?
Not very often.

Have you ever been hit in the face by a ball?
Umm, i think so. I've accidently hit like 3 people in the face tho :P

Are you easily irritated?
Helll yes.

Do you fall much?
Ooo all the time!

How often are you sick?
It depends on how you define sick..

Ever throw up on someone?
No. Thats just nasty haha (:

Ever get a black eye?
Nope, dont think so.

Bloody nose?
Plenty of times!

Blackened Skin?

Broken bone?
Luckily no!


Ever fall flat on your face?

Ever slip on something and fall on your back?
Ice is a biitch.

Ever get punched in the face?
Mhmm. Then they got back handed and pushed down :D

Have you ever been bitten so hard, you bled?
My brother has friggin vampire teeth.

Any allergies?
Yeah, to this one kind of medicine and detergent.
If i ever need that medicine to save my life...bye bye lauren... haha (:

Any disorders?
Textaphrenia-usualy common in teenagers, the feeling of your phone going off or vibrating in your pocket but never really having a message.
And the one about spiders. Hate em.


Are you skilled?
Hahaha nahh.

Are you weak?
Lil bit.


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