After the Battle

The Battle is the Battle of Hogwarts and this story is 100% Harry Potter related. This first chapter was written by me a while ago. I have (obviously) decided to post it. I will probably write more like this and the identities of the people in the short stories are a mystery until the next chapter in which I will post who was in the first one. This sounds confusing but after reading the story, you will get it. Well, here I go!

Chapter 2


If you haven't already guessed, the Him in the last story was Harry and the Narrator was Ginny

I still couldn't believe it. I didn't let myself believe it. She COULDN'T be gone.

I kept looking. She has to be here, in the rubble of her favorite place in the world, the Library.

She is waiting for me to save her like I did at Malfoy Manor. I HAD to help her! I couldn't go on without her.

"Ro..." Harry started to say as he walked slowly towards me. He showed the effects of the Battle. Dusty, torn cloak, blooded face, and pained eyes.

I shouted at him to let me search.

"She's gone." He told me. "NO!" I screamed at him, not believing him, not wanting to. She HAD to be here.

It didn't matter that everyone at the Burrow wanted me home, She needed me to help her, find her, to save her.

I kept looking, growing frantic. I whipped around as another voice called my name.

It was her voice. I saw her standing there, like an angel. "Herm-" I said, reaching my arm towards her.

"Hun, I'm gone. You have to move on. You have to keep going." She told me, in her bossiest voice.

"NO!" I screamed once more. "I WILL FIND YOU! I WILL SAVE YOU!"

She disappeared, taking with her my heart and the rest of the old me. I kept searching and slowly crept into my new home.

Insanity can be comforting to the lonely.
Or so I found.

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