After the Battle

The Battle is the Battle of Hogwarts and this story is 100% Harry Potter related. This first chapter was written by me a while ago. I have (obviously) decided to post it. I will probably write more like this and the identities of the people in the short stories are a mystery until the next chapter in which I will post who was in the first one. This sounds confusing but after reading the story, you will get it. Well, here I go!

Chapter 1


My back ached from crouching forward sobbing. I leaned back and felt Him. I lifted my head a bit and looked Him in his luminescent green eyes saying, “H-” longingly. Suddenly He vanished and I fell back onto my bed. I shut my eyes hard and sternly told myself ‘He is gone. He died valiantly. Just how He would have wanted. He is not coming back!’
But i could not stop myself from thinking: It’s all my fault. And I flashed back to the night everything changed and all was lost.
I heard Him scream, “Portego!” As He rushed to my side. “You’re alive!” I shouted gleefully. “G-” He started. He never finished that sentence. I chided myself later for thinking that the battle, that Voldemort would have stopped for us.
Ron was in front of Hermione’s Stunned body, trying to protect her. Voldemort was going against three professors whom I could not immediately recognize. Rudolphus charged towards us. “Go! GO and protect yourself!” He yelled at me, not thinking of how much I had changed. “No! You go and get to Voldemort! He’s mortal now!” I told Him. He didn’t listen. He kept trying to get me out of the way. I looked over at Voldemort and he was getting closer. Rudolphus yelled, “Stupefy!” and Neville was lying there, still. Rudolphus advanced towards me. He ran towards, in His eyes, the most prominent threat. Rudolphus. Voldemort took his aim, at me. Oh, how I wish Voldemort had succeeded in getting at me He would be alive, at least. But no, He turned and ran in front of me. It happened, almost in slow-mo. Voldemort yelled a curse. Rudolphus yelled one too. The lights collided and He yelled a third curse. They all made a big rainbow. It was gorgeous. And when the light was gone, I saw Voldemort, laying down, dead. Rudolphus had died too. I was joyful. All the evil was gone. I was smiling when I realized that He hadn’t stood up yet. The castle was silent. Ron and Hermione appeared at my side. I bent down and touched His hand. I looked at His face The last thing He said was, “I love you.” Then the green eyes turned and stared towards nothing. His grave declares Him a “Hero” I which I know He wouldn’t have wanted. Back in my bedroom at the Burrow, I lay sobbing once more. Voldemort had been defeated. But my true love was gone. Hermione and Ron were married and were happy. But I will never again be happy. I had simply stopped living. I stayed quiet and stopped playing Quidditch. I know that He would’ve wanted me to keep going on with my life, but too bad. He wasn’t here anymore.

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