One on one (A Weasley twin love story)

Main Character: Amber
Best Friend: Ginny
Age: Same as Ginny
Family: Dead mother, 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother
Looks: Curly copper colored hair, light brown eyes, tan skin, average build, short
Blood status: Pure Blood

Chapter 1

It all started with Ginny

"Amber could you get the door?" my dad yelled from the kitchen. "Make Albert get it." I yelled back. "Albert’s helping me." "Then make Francis get it." "Amber just answer the door!" "Fine!" I stood up and answered the door a busty woman stood in front of me holding a large plate of brownies standing behind her was a little boy and girl with the same red hair. "Hello sweetie, are your parents’ home?" she asked sweetly. "Daddy’s in the kitchen." I said. I followed the three of them into the kitchen.
"Hello there my name is Molly my husband and I live over the hill with our 7 children." the woman said handing the plate of brownies to my dad. "Seven!" he said his eyes practically popping out. "My husband’s taken all the other children to Diagon Alley to buy their things for Hogwarts." "Oh really, my kids go to Hogwarts to, let’s see Albert’s in Ravenclaw, and Francis is in Slytherin.” “Those are both very nice houses." she said but I noticed she had grimaced when he said Slytherin. "Yes my wife was in Hufflepuff and I was in Ravenclaw, so I guess we'll see if Amber or Pete ends up in Hufflepuff." "All of my children have been in Gryffindor so far, that’s the house me and my husband were in." she said proudly. "How olds your daughter?" she asked gazing down at me. I ran across the room and climbed into Francis' lap. "Eight, she’s the second youngest Pete is only 5." "My little Ginny’s eight also, maybe she could stay with us for the night, give them a chance to be friends that way you might get some more unpacking done." "That would be great." dad said. He went on to explain that his sister in law died and he wanted to be closer with our uncle and his daughter Luna right now and that’s why we moved here.
About an hour later my dad told me to go upstairs and get my overnight bag, he told Francis to go with me. "Francis I don’t want to go I want to stay with you and daddy." I whined as he started gathering a few of my things. "You'll just be in the way here; don’t you want to make friends?" "No." I said firmly crossing my arms.
"Come on dear nothing to worry about." the woman said taking my hand. It had a warm familiar feeling that calmed me down at once. They took me to their house it was several stories high and looked slightly lopsided. They led me inside at once. "Ginny dear why don’t you show Amber your room." Ginny started up the stairs and I followed closely behind. When we got to her room Ginny immediately went to the window and gazed out at the yard. "Don’t worry dad will probably bring a spare bed in once he gets home." Ginny hadn’t said a single word since she first showed up at my house so when she spoke it scared me a bit.
"There back!" Ginny shouted excitedly as she ran down stairs. I ran after her as a tall man with glasses walked through the door. The first thing he did was scoop Ginny into his arms then he saw me. "Molly did we have another child while I was gone?" he said gazing at me curiously. "Her names Amber her family moved in not too far away. I invited her to stay the night she’s the same age as Ginny." "Another Ginny! One’s bad enough." I heard a voice whine as the other boys filed past their father and my eyes landed on two identical boys. "Be nice to your sister!" Their mother ordered.

"Hey I know him, he’s a Slytherin. A giant prat who’s full of himself." Ginny’s brother Charlie said angrily as I saw Francis walk towards the house. "That’s my brother!" I said angrily. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door meeting Francis in the driveway. "Did you have fun?" he asked. "No, Ginny didn’t talk to me and her brother called you a prat." "Don’t worry about it." he crooned picking me up and stowing me on his back.

Ginny and I did manage to grow a friendship after her brothers left for school. We used to sneak out to the broom shed out back and play with them when her parents weren’t paying attention. And when her brothers came home for Christmas her twin brothers let us ride on the back of their broom sticks. But they got in a lot of trouble when her parents found out.
The next year I waited eagerly on the platform for Ginny but I saw Fred and George first and I ran over to them. "Hi, can I help you guys load your things on the train?" I asked happily. "Thanks but I think we got it, Ginny should be back with our mom if you want to see her." George said "Thanks I muttered walking back to my dad who scolded me for running away.
"And Ron said he’s friends with Harry Potter! The Harry Potter!" Ginny said excitedly as we sat in my room the next day playing with our dolls. "Yeah, why do you think your brothers wouldn’t let me help them with their things?" I asked. "They probably just didn’t want you to get hurt. You know what one day I’m going to marry Harry Potter!" she said proudly. I laughed "Good luck with that."
When it was my year to go to Hogwarts I was as excited as anyone else would have been. "I want to be in Slytherin with Francis. How do I choose my house?" I asked the day we were to leave. "You don’t get to choose." Dad said. I almost started crying when Francis placed his hand on my arm "Don’t worry, your perfect for Slytherin of course you'll be in my house." I wasn’t, I was placed in Gryffindor. I looked at the Slytherin table where Francis gave me a weak smile. I didn’t even notice I had sat down next to Fred. "Good job." he said patting me on the back. "T-t-thanks." I squeaked.
For some reason Ginny was always missing so I felt incredibly alone. I was in the common room late one night reading a book when I heard someone behind me. "Why are you alone out here?" George asked "J-j-just reading. Why are y-y-you out h-h-here?" I asked. "I couldn’t sleep." I looked up and noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Oh dear God he was hot. I looked back down at my book. "I should go to bed." I said quickly standing. "No stay here and talk to me." he said grabbing my arm. "O-o-okay." I said sitting back down. "Why are you so nervous around me?" he asked. "I'm n-n-nervous around e-e-everybody." "But you've known me for years, we're practically family." "I j-j-just scare easy I guess." I said standing. He grabbed my arm again and pulled me back with such force I was thrown into his lap. "What’s the real reason?" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist so I couldn’t get away. I liked the way it felt to have his arms wrapped around me, but it made me incredibly nervous. "I have a crush on you okay!" I said prying his arms off and running up the stairs. I can’t believe I just said that.
"Do you want to hang out?" I asked Ginny as we walked out of potions. "No I have plans." she said walking off. Looks like another evening by myself. I thought glumly. "Hey Amber." Oh no. I turned slowly as I saw Georges striding towards me with his hands in his pockets. I tried to say something but all that came out was a weird sort of squeak. He took my hand and led me to an empty corridor. I looked up at him terrified. "Why did you tell me you like me?" he asked "B-b-because I d-d-do." I said trembling. He laughed silently to himself. "You can’t just tell a guy you like him then run away." he said. "S-s-sorry." "And you need to stop stuttering around me." "S-s-sorry." I said again. "Why didn’t you tell me before that you liked me?" he asked. I shrugged. "I'm just saying if you had told me maybe we could have gone out." "I'm t-t-too young for y-y-you." I said "I think that’s for me to decide." he said pressing his lips against mine. I pressed myself flat against the wall. I couldn’t concentrate. George Weasley was kissing me! George Weasley was actually kissing me! My first kiss! "Hey! Get off my sister!" a voice rang out.
I looked up as Georges lips left mine. "Francis!" I yelled ducking under Georges arm and running towards him. "What do you think you’re doing?" Francis yelled pointing an accusatory finger at George. I placed my hands firmly on his chest and tried to push him back to no avail. "I think I was snogging your sister." he said calmly. Oh this was not good. "She’s a child!" Francis roared turning a nasty shade of purple. "Please Francis this was the first time I swear." I said digging my face into his robes. "But it won’t be the last." George muttered. Francis put his hands on either side of my shoulders, picked me up, and deposited me behind him. Then marched forward and grabbed George by his collar. "Francis stop!" I yelled "Hey Francis let go of him now!" I turned and saw Albert striding toward us his prefect badge gleaming. He took hold of Francis and pulled him off. "This scum was snogging our sister! Our little sister!" Francis screamed at him. "Amber should be allowed to make her own choices now." Albert said though he gave me a surprised look. "Amber why don’t you go back to your common room with Mr. Weasley. I need to talk to our brother." I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed George’s wrist and pulled him towards the common room. "How could you have to provoke him like that?" I asked as we walked back. "Easy I don’t like him." "But you have to understand he’s my brother he worries about me." "I don’t see why that should matter to me." "Imagine how you would feel if you saw Ginny kissing a boy." "I’d punch his lights out, but Ginny’s a little girl." "We're the same age." this entire time I had been staring at my feet but I dared to look up. "H-h-he’s just reacting the way any b-b-brother w-w-would." he caught my eyes for a minute before I looked back down. "Your Ginny’s best friend. I forgot." he said running away.
When I got back to the common room I didn’t see a single red hair which was both good and bad. I rushed up to my dormitory when Hermione came in. "Amber your brothers outside he wants to talk to you. He looks really upset." Oh great, Francis had a nasty temper. I took a deep breath before heading down stairs. "Go ahead." I said swinging the portrait open.

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