More Than I Bargianed For. (An Emmett Cullen Love Story)

More Than I Bargianed For. (An Emmett Cullen Love Story)

Hey guys ! This is my new Emmett story ! I hope you enjoy and remember to comment or message me, whatever you guys think should be in here or if you have any tips or advice on how to make this story better is much appreciated ! :) enjoyyyyy !
ps- the picture in chapter 1 is what Luci looks like !

Chapter 1

New life here I come...

My throat burned, but I kept running. I wasnt going to stop. I wasnt running from anything, just running. Running to a new life. I was running for miles now. Days, actually. I was running from Alaska to Washington. My new life awaited me there . It was where these "Cullens" lived. The Denali clan had told me about them. They had told me how the Cullens could change me, help me to be a better me. My throat was all I could think about but I was stronger than the thirst. A younger vampire would not have been able to resist the urge to kill. However, my many hundred years helped me overcome the urge. I forced myself to keep running. Even when I smelle hunters nearby, I kept running. As I came closer to the now visible house, I could smell them. They smelled fresh, a nice scent. I walked up the stairs but before I could knock on the door a little pixie vampire opened it and stood before me. Her eyes were golden, a color I had never seen on a vampire before. "Hi! I'm Alice, you are?" she asked kindly. She was an extremely nice vampire. "Lu-" I choked out. The pain to speak was unbearable. My throat was on fire but I spit out "Lucianna Viscotti" anyways. "Well Lucianna, come inside !" Alice excaimed. I walked through the door into a great livingroom. Most of the walls werent even walls but more glass windows that stood from the ceiling to the floor. The little sunlight that was coming through the trees came into the house and lit it up enough for no lights to have to be turned on. "My family is this was, follow me." she said walking in front of me. Alice lead me up three flights of stairs into a sitting room. Again, glass walls were all around the very large room and the furniture was very modern. I stopped at the entrance of the room and there was an awkward silence that lasted a couple seconds. I could tell some of them were uneasy, waiting for me to attack but they werent sure if I was going to. As i laid my eyes on one with blonde hair, I recognized him immediatly. "Carlise" I smiled and went to hug him. As I pulled away from the hug, I noticed his facial expressions. He didnt remember me. "Im Lucianna Viscotti. From Italy, dont you remember me?" I asked him. "I'm sorry but I do not. When were we aqquaintinces?" Carlisle asked. "Well, we met through the Volturi, of course. My father tried to persuade you to come with us but you refused. Even then you drank animal blood." I told him. He stared at me, his brow scrunched. He was trying to remember it. "i was younger then, of course. I probably looked like I was only 9 back then.
i said, trying to refresh his memory. "How were you only 9 back then if you're only 18 now..?" a tall blonde said from the corner. He stood much taller than Alice who was standing very close next to him. "Im half human. I still grow." I said very nonchalantly. "Carlisle, is this how Renesmee will be?" a bronze haired man asked from the couch. "You said your father, as in Aro?" Carlisle asked me. "Aro's not my biological father. My real father is long gone. Aro has raised me though. He took me in when I was 29. I looked like a ten month old baby but I had been around for 29 years. My father was Gian Viscotti, ruler of Milan at the time. He gave me to Aro as soon as he caught the plague. I've been with the Volturi ever since." i told them. "I think I remember you now. Little Luci. You were like my little sister back then." Carlisle smiled at the thought. "What are you here for, darling ?" the woman beside Carlisle asked me. "The Denali clan told me you could help me. I dont want to be like the Volturi anymore. Ive lived such a terrible life for 700 years. They said you live off of animal blood?" I asked. Before anyone could speak, Alice ran across the room and threw her arms around me, "oh, luci, youre gonna fit in just perfect! we have the extra room and all!" i stumbled backwards a bit and smiled, "are you sure?" i asked. she pulled away but kept a tight grip on my shoulders "of course!" she smiled. i looked at Carlisle who was smiling,"if Alice sees that you are apart of our family then you are." "wait! we're all being rude!" Aliced partially yelled. "luci, this is my husband Jasper" she said pointing towards the tall blonde who stood in the corner."this is Edward, his wife, Bella and their daughter who is half vampire-half human like you, Renesmee" she said gesturing to the bronze haired man sitting on the couch next to a pale but beautiful brown haired girl and a little toddler with gorgeous curls and chocolate brown eyes. "then there's our brother Emmett" she said about the very intimidatingly large man in the back who I had oddly not noticed. "and carlisle and his wife and our mother Esme!" she said finishing off with the very gorgeous woman with a perfectly warm smile and loving eyes. "thank you. I didnt expect all of this, thank you guys so much." i said smiling. "of course, luci. You're family now." Esme said motherly. "Aunt Luci, youre very old. Tell me about you." my new little niece said smiling up at me. "Nessie! you cant say that to Aunt Luci" Bella scolded. "No," i laughed,"it's fine. But can I eat? I havent really hunted in weeks." i asked Carlisle. "yes, of course. Alice, why dont you and Jasper show Luci how to hunt." Carlisle asked. "Come on, Luci, it'll be fun!" Alice said, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me out the door. "Now, all you have to do is keep it clean and deadly. Dont make them suffer, make it quick and clean." This was going to be a difficult task for me. Back in my younger days, I played with boys like girls played with barbies. I used to lure them in and the kill was slow. Now i had to change my mindset. The kill was no longer for the pleasure. It was for food and it had to be done professionally. I ran again, sniffing the air for a trace of animal. I smelled a group of deer nearby and I ran their way. Slowly, I apprached them. I aimed for its neck and gave it a shot. Luckily, i hit the right vein on the first try. I quickly snapped its neck and drank it until there was nothing more in it."You did so good!" Alice yelled. "Thanks," i laughed wiping my moth in case there was any blood on my lips. Animal blood was no match against human blood but it would have to suffice for the rest of my life. I liked not having guilt after the kill. It was easier. I fed on a few more deer to make up for all the weeks I had skipped feeding and after i was full, Alice, Jasper, and I went back to the house. Edward, Bella and Nessie were just leaving to go back to their own house. "Sweet dreams Nessie" i whispered to the half fallen asleep baby girl. "Im assuming you sleep so theres a room with a bed in it upstairs. We already put a whole wardrobe for you in the closet. I hope you like it." Esme said giving me one of her warm, loving smiles. "Thank you so much Esme." i said appreciatingly. I went upstairs and found the bedroom. It was so perfect. The lights were dim and the walls were made of glass, much like the rest of the house. The bed had light purple sheets and it was just my style. I loved this room already. I went to the closet and opened it up seeing all of the clothes i always wished i had. Esme was the perfect mother everyone wished they had. She knew exactly what i loved and that made me love her. I picked pajama's out of the dresser and went into my bathroom. I took a much needed hot shower and changed into the pj shorts and tank top. My new bed looked warm and inviting and i dove under the sheets. i turned out the lights and listened to the noises of the forest. All the running had payed off. Here i was, with a new life. A new, perfect life. Sleep consumed me quickly and it was a dreamless night.

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