Revenge is a dangerous thing . . . especially if you'er on your own.

This is the life of Catiuscia Pempherdo Cavaliere.Her whole life has always revolved around Revenge - ever since her mother was killed when she was 6 her father became obsessed with finding her murderer.By the age or 10 she was able to take down just about anybody.
Now 11 years later she is alone working for a secret agency to work undercover and solve murders BUT
she suddenly finds herself working on her mothers case.

Chapter 1

Character Info xD

by: JaDe007
Catiuscia (Cat) Pempherdo Cavaliere

Current Name (yes she goes by different names for different asignments) - Lisa Montgonmery(IDK just made it up)
Looks -
Partner - Stark Piers (dead)


Okay so i know it not very long but i need other Caracters only 8 (lolz only)
So if you wanna make a Character for my story plz go ahead first 8 get the pick so all you needa put down is

NAME (real and undercover if working undercover)
AGE (prefrably not under 16 but hay if not il work round it)
RELATION TO CAT (not partner in field or lover plz)
LOOKS (anything goes)

and if you're up to it feel free to critisize on anthing or rate (plz) and/or comment(also plz)

yes i know my spelling is bad but im working on it thanks!!


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