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Chapter 3

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This

There's a different feel about you tonight
It's got me thinkin' lots of crazy things
I even think I saw a flash of light
It felt like electricity

Darren Criss and his best friend, Olivia Martin were at a bar. They were just joking around and having a few drinks.
"It's not my fault that I can't play Monopoly!" Liv laughed.
Darren shook his head. "You were why I lost, teammate!"
"I'm sorry!"
"Would you make it up to me?"
She smiled at her friend. "How?"
"Buy me a beer!"
Brian Holden and Lauren Lopez, two of their friends, joined them after a while. Liv and Darren welcomed them and they were just talking, having a good time.
Lauren, sensing something different, pulled Liv aside.
"What's up?"
"Are you and Darren just friends?"
Liv wasn't expecting this. "Of course! Why?"
"You guys just...look more tonight, ya know? Like, he's just lookin' at you and he gets this big...grin on his face. I think he likes you."
"Darren? Like me?! Oh, Lauren, you're insane!"
Over where the girls had left the boys, Brian began to ask Darren the same thing.
"You guys hooking up?"
"No!" Darren shook his head, taking a sip of beer. "Friends."
"I doubt it. You like her, dude."
"No, I don't!"
"You guys are perfect for each other. I'm really surprised you haven't done anything with her."

Everybody swears we make the perfect pair
But dancing is as far as it goes

"Love this song!" Darren and Liv said together.
Brian and Lauren exchanged glances.
"Would you like to dance, friend?" Darren asked with a pointed look at Brian and got off his stool and offered his hand.
"Of course, buddy!" Liv took it, gave a look to Lauren, and followed him onto the dance floor.

I'll just close my eyes
And I won't know where I'm at
We'll get lost on this dance floor
Spinnin' around
And around
And around
And around

Liv's head was resting on Darren's shoulder by the end of yet another slow song. They were much closer than "just friends" should be. He put his head on hers and they revolved around on the ever-thinning dance floor.
It was late.
Brian and Lauren wanted to leave, but they also wanted to prove to their clearly-in-love friends that they would be together.
"Lauren, we need to get closer to them!" Brian hissed.
"I'm not slow dancing with you Holden!"
"We don't have to be that close! I just want to spy on them! Don't you?"
Lauren sighed. "Fine."
They were almost arms' length apart as they got closer.
The other couple didn't notice because they had their eyes shut, holding each other.

They're all watchin' us now
They think we're falling in love
They'd never believe we're just friends
When you kiss me like this
I think you mean it like that
If you do baby kiss me again

It was almost time to go home.
Darren was having a debate in his head. Should he? But maybe he was reading it all wrong... Maybe she didn't like him. She had some beer, she could totally be buzzed. But...what if she did like him? Because...he might like her.
"Liv?" he asked timidly.
Her green eyes met his hazel ones as she turned her head up. "Yes?"
And he went for it.
He kissed his best friend. She deepened it a little bit and they stopped moving.
A few feet away, Lauren and Brian stopped dancing and high-fived.
Liv was smiling now, so happy he made a move.
Darren pulled away. "Wow. Who knew you were a good kisser?"
"I could ask you the same thing."
They just smiled at each other a little bit more.
"Brian won't believe me if I tell him we're friends."
She laughed. "Lauren probably won't believe me."
"Well," Darren smiled, keeping eye contact. "maybe we shouldn't tell them that, then?"
"Agreed," Liv nodded. "Oh, and, uh, Darren?"
She stood on tip toe to kiss him again, a bit more passionate this time.
He brought her closer and smiled.

Baby, kiss me again...

Lyrics from You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This by Toby Keith

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