Some One-Shots

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Chapter 1

Mud On The Tires

I'm holdin' the keys to a brand new Chevrolet
Have you been outside it sure is a nice night
How about a little test drive
Down by the lake

Devin Lytle giggled as her new boyfriend, James Lynch, pulled up in his big, red, Chevy pick-up truck. He was taking her down by the lake for a picnic tonight.
"Hey, Dev!" he called when he stepped out to meet her, kissing her cheek.
"Hi, James!"
"You look nice."
She looked down at her white dress and cowboy boots and shrugged. "Thanks, so do you."
He was wearing jeans, a button down and a pair of sneakers. He looked cute.
"Aw, thank ya! Now, you ready?"
"Ready!" Devin smiled. She could feel that it would be a great night.

I've got the perfect place in mind
It's in the middle of nowhere only one way to get there
You got to get a little mud on the tires

The drive to the lake was bumpy.
"No, I swear! It's a shortcut!"
Devin laughed. "Sure it is, James." She braced herself with her hands pushed on the dashboard, silently praying they would get through.
But it was fun!
James glanced at his girlfriend. She was so gorgeous. He knew he was lucky to have her and he didn't want to mess it up already. They'd only been dating for two weeks and he really, really liked her.
He just couldn't mess it up.

Come on now what do you say
Girl, I can hardly wait to get a little mud on the tires

"Uh-oh's aren't good," Devin stated.
"We're stuck."
"I see that. Should we get out and push?"
James laughed at his girlfriend. "No, I have a better idea. Hold on."
He turned and grabbed the picnic basket from the back, then opened the truck door and stepped into the mud. Devin turned in her seat to follow him with her eyes. He was opening the tailgate and pushed the basket closer to the cab. He went to Devin's side and opened the door.
"Will you turn the car off, please?" James asked her. She did as he asked and then he held his arms out. "Come on. I can't let this mud get all over you."
Devin smiled at his gentlemenliness, but, instead, kicked off her boots and socks and jumped down, splatter mud all over her legs and hem of her dress.
James smiled and took his girlfriend's hand, leading her to the back and helped her hop on the truck bed.
"Perfect." he told her and opened the basket.
Before he could get any food out, Devin leaned in and kissed him. "Thanks for getting us stuck."

And then with a little luck we might just get stuck
Let's get a little mud on the tires

lyrics from Brad Paisley's Mud On The Tires

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