I have real, actual proof that I am FAT!

I have real, actual proof that I am FAT!

Chapter 1

You can't deny the BMI

Ok, almost all of the people who have taken my "Am I fat?" poll say that I'm not fat, or that I'm average weight. Well, I have proof that I am actually fat.

I used a BMI calculator (which asks for your weight, height, and age), and I got a BMI of 24.1. Which means that I fall into the catogory of "Overweight".
A more extensive search revealed that I'm in the 70th percential of people my age, weight, and height. Which, of course, means that I'm more fat the 70% of females, who are age 12, and are 5'2. And the ideal weight was actually shown to be.......103 pounds. Which is 29 pounds less than I am right now. Which means I have 29 pounds to lose.

So there, proof.


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