Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

I know Geena normally specializes in the D Criss category but I've had this idea for a while and I've been fangirling over Darren a lot lately for some odd reason. I go through SK cycles with the guys. It's always Holden and Matt but then I add others every now and then. Looks like right now it's Eric and Darren.

So anyways, this at least starts at U of M. No idea where it's gonna end.

The chapter titles are from W.H. Auden's poems. They aren't related to the story.

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

The winds must come from somewhere when they blow, there must be reasons why the leaves decay; time will say nothing but I told you so

I like to think that I'm a lot like my namesake, W.H. Auden. Yes, my name is Auden. My parents love literature more than they love each other, what do you expect? I don't mind it though, like I said I like to believe I'm quite a lot like the great poet I'm named after. I'm smart, very smart, and I'm also an English major. I'm not completely sure what I'll be doing with my degree yet, I'll probably go on and become a professor like both of my parents.
Now I'm no prodigy, but I did go to the accelerated private school near my house. My parents insisted. And so my intelligence matches my education. I don't have time for many friends or activities, but I don't need them. I am my own person, and I never had many friends anyways. The other kids at my school were just as driven as I was to come out on top. We didn't have friends, we had study partners or assistants to some project or another of ours. I'm not complaining, this is how I want my life. Small, neat, orderly. Easy to manage and control.
I had been planning to go to Harvard but I receieved a full scholarship to University of Michigan and you just really can't pass up an opportunity like that. Besides, I think it's worked out quite well. Until now that is.
See, there's a slight problem with my scheduling. They put me in a drama class. "It's a prerequisite required class too," I complain to the secretary. She glances at my paper and nods.
"Oh yes, they told me about you. Very smart, you'll do just fine in there. You've been given special permission to take it without the prerequisite class."
"No, I don't want to be in there," I tell her, losing a bit of my patience. Can't she just change my class and we can be done with this?
She shakes her head. "I'm sorry, but it's required. Every student has to take at least one year of an arts immersion program. This will be good for you, I'm sure. You're a very bright girl."
"Why am I just hearing of this requirement now?" I ask her.
"Oh I'm sure they just breezed you right through the freshman and required classes. They must have overlooked this one. Just try to make the best of it dear. Judging by your schedule this looks like it could be a real break for you."
"I don't need breaks," I tell her with a small scowl, stalking out of the room. Sighing, I head out of the building towards my car. How can I make the best of this? Drama isn't even a class. It's probably just a bunch of lazy people who don't want to make anything of themselves. Most of the majors in this class I'm going to have to go to probably aren't going to get jobs. They'll end up working at some McDonald's somewhere while I'm nice and cozy in my office, perhaps at this very college. Maybe if I think these things it will be easier to get through.
I bet W.H. Auden didn't have to take a drama class.

Auden Dalton
Wavy auburn hair. Dark brown eyes. Curvy, average height. Very smart and stubborn with a bit of a temper. Always convinced that she's right and hates counter-productive people.

So, what do you think? Do I have enough on my plate and I shouldn't write this? Do you want me to continue? And do you know what song the title is from and who sings it? Whoever guesses it first can have a small part in the story!
Yeah, the best class is most definitely satanic rituals-Darren Criss (as Harry)

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