If True Love Didn't Exist Than I Wouldn't Have Found You (A Jasper Hale && Embry Call Love Story)

I lovede the Twilight Series but my favorite character is Jasper Hale! So I hope you like it. Plz comment!(:
Name: Delilah Kirsten Oliver
Age: 17
Hair: Brown with Blond and Blue highlights
Eyes: Baby Blue
Skin Tone: Tan
Name: Syclus Benjamin Oliver
Age: 1
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Baby Blue
Skin Tone: Baby Skin

Chapter 1

Moving In With Grandma

I had my 1 year old brother, Syclus, on my hip and his diapper bag on my shoulder. I had just arrived in Forks, Washington to live with my Grandma. I'd lived her once before. When I was going through my rebellious stage at the age of fourteen. But now I'm coming here for a different reason and different circumstances. "Hey, baby girl." My Grandma smiled. "Hi, Gran." I said and tried to return a smile with the same enthusiasm. "How's my granbabies doing?" Grandma asked putting her arms out for Syclus. I handed him to her as I rounded the car to get our suitcases. Suddenly, a boy with short black hair and tan skin came and grabbed one of the suitcases before I dropped them. "Thanks." I said before looking up but when I did I smiled. "Jacob!" I smiled throwing myself in his arms. "Hey Del." He whispered. I met Jacob when I was on the beach one day when we were fourteen. "How are you?" He asked pulling the suitcase into the house. "I've been better. But I'm glad to see you!" I said trying to get off the subject of how I was. I heard Syclus start to cry. "I'm sorry, I guess he wanted you." Gran said. I picked him up and began to rock him. "Is he your....son?" Jacob asked. I started to laugh and then replied "No, this is my little brother." Jacob's face filled with relief. I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock. "He's probably hungry." I sighed. "Jake, do you mind running down to the car and grabbing the baby chair?" I added. I handed Sy back to Gran. He began to cry again. Jacob jetted out and then back in with chair. He set it up for me. "Um..I gotta go. It's about my time to check up on Renesemee." Jacob said smiling. "Somebody's got a girlfriend?" I mocked. "Somewhat. I'd like you to come with me. The Cullens would love to meet you and the pack probably want to see their girl again." Jake smiled at me. I knew about the Pack and The Cullens. Jake and I stayed in touch over they years. "Maybe next time." I sighed looking at Syclus. "Well, bring him along. Nessie needs a play mate anyway." Jake insisted. I looked at Gran. "Go ahead, baby girl. I'll wait up." Gran smiled handing me Syclus. "Thanks." I said. I hitched him on my hip and Jake grabbed the diapper bag. I grabbed the bottle I'd been warming up. When I got out there, Jake climbed on his bike. "No. I'll drive." I sighed. He rolled his eyes and said "Yours is still in the garage at my house. If you want it, you got to come and get it." Jake laughed. I rolled my eyes and strapped Syclus into his car seat. I put the bottle in between my legs and started the car. Jake pulled out first and then I followed. We rode a long way and then stopped at a house in the middle of the woods. It was beautiful. I smiled and turned the car off. A boy and a girl came out.
Seth and Leah Clearwater.
I got out of the car and grabbed Syclus and the bottle. "Hi Seth. Hi Leah." I smiled. "Del!" They smiled and hugged me. "It's good to see you." Leah sighed. "JAKEY!" a little girl cried. She ran out of the house and into Jake's arms. I looked at him for an explanation. "I know. I know. Just wait til you met the Cullens." Jake sighed. "Hello, Delilah." A girl with short brown hair said. She reminded me of a pixie. "Hi." I said. They led me upstairs to where the rest of the Cullens were sitting in the living room. Syclus began to kick, scream, and cry. "I'm so sorry but do you mind if I warm up his bottle? It's past dinnertime." I said trying to calm Sy down. "It's fine." The older lady said taking Syclus from me. I was a little unsure but if Jake trusted them, so did I. "Esme, she's a little unsure about handing her baby over to strangers." the taller blond boy said. "No, he's not my son. He's my brother." I said. I walked into the kitchen and warmed up the bottle. Jake came in behind me. "Are you ok? You seem a little nerves." He mumbled. That's when I noticed my hand was shaking. I covered it but I guess he had already seen it. "I'm in a house full of vampires. Forgive me if I'm a little unsure about handing my baby brother over to them." I whispered so that they wouldn't hear me. "They aren't like the other vampires, Del, they only drink animal blood. They wouldn't hurt Sy and you know that." Jake said flat out. I took a breathe and took the bottle out. "I know. I'm just scared." I whispered. I looked him in the eyes and he nodded. "I'll protect you." Jake said rubbing my back. I nodded and then we walked into the living room. Esme handed Sy back to but I decided to put a little faith in them. "Would you like to feed him? You don't have to if you don't want to. I mean it wouldn't bother me if you didn't. I could do it if you don't want to. I mean it's ok-" Esme cut me off. "Calm down, Delilah, I'd love to." She smiled taking the bottle from me. She was so gentle with Sy and he seemed to like it. "I'm sorry. How very rude of me. I'm Carlisle Cullen. And this is my family. Edward, Bella, Renesemee, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper." Carlisle finished. "It's a pleasure to meet you. And I'm sorry if I seem a little insecure or rude. It's been a long week." I said. I thought of Mom, Dad, and Felicia. I pushed the memories back. "Why are you doing that?" Jasper asked me. I shook myself a little and then looked up at him. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Why are you changing your emotions so quickly?" Jasper asked. I knew he had the power of feeling other peoples emotions. I knew everything about them. Jake told me everything. "Because I can't base my life on depressing things that happened to me...well us... but the point is I gotta keep my head up for Sy. I still have him." I smiled. Jasper didn't reply because Emmett grabbed me up. He threw me over his shoulder. I squealed in suprise. "Emmett! Put her down." Esme ordered but Emmett only ignored her. Everyone started to laugh at us. "Emmett!" I squealled again. Finally, he set me down and I heard Sy laugh for the first time. I smiled as Esme handed him to me. I hugged him to me but he began to wiggle free. So I sat him down on the floor with Nessie. She put her hand on his face and he began to laugh again. I looked at Edward who I assumed was her father since they looked alike. "She's showing him what just happened." Edward answered my question before I'd even said it. I smirked and looked at them again. "So are you going to go to Forks High School with us?" Emmett asked. A mischivous smile slid across his face. "Sure." I agreed then winked at him. Rose shifted in her chair. "Rose calm down. Del and Emmett are going be getting into some real trouble." Alice assured her. "Trouble's my middle name." Emmett smirked. I rolled my eyes and looked at my watch. "Crap." I whispered to myself. But everyone heard me because of their enhanced senses. "What's wrong?" Jake asked me. "Nothing. It's nothing." I sighed to myself. "It's something because you stress level just shot threw the roof." Jasper said. I pulled my phone out of my pocket.
1 New Message.
I opened my inbox and clicked read.
Sandy: Heyy gurl! I miss ya. C ya soon(:
I hadn't realized I was holding my breath until Edward said "Del, you need to breath." I laughed at myself. Why was I freaking out? No worries. I locked the screen and slid it back into my pocket. "Sorry." I said. I sat down and the conversation continued. But soon I realized I was sneaking peeks at Jasper. Occasionly, our eyes would meet.
"Um..Del?" Rose said. "Yeah?" I said breaking the look. "I think Sy is tired." Rose said pointing at little Sy sleeping with his head in Nessie's lap. I giggled. I picked him easily. "Maybe we could plan a play date?" I asked looking at Nessie's sad eyes. "Sure, how about tomorrow? Jake wants to take you to see the Pack and Esme will be here with Nessie anyway." Bella said. I looked at Esme and asked "You don't mind? He can be pushy sometimes." Esme laughed. "I have Emmett. Sy can't be that bad." She replied. "Ok then. Thanks, I'll see you, tomorrow to drop off Sy." I said before grabbing the empty bottle. I walked out the door with Jake and Seth not far behind. "Seth, do NOT tell the Pack I'm here. Same goes for Leah and Jake." I said as I strapped Sy into the car seat. "Yes ma'am!" Seth said standing straight up. I hugged them and then started the car. I pulled out and began to drive toward toward Gran's. When I got there, Gran was sitting in the Living Room wwatching TV. "Sorry, I lost track of time." I whispered as I laid my keys down. "It's fine, darling." She said then turned back to the TV. I climbed the stairs and into Sy's room. I laid him in the crib after changing his clother. I put the blanket over her small body. I turned the monitor on and walked into my room and collapsed onto the bed.

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