If you Have Trouble With Malware Warnings, read this!

Chapter 1

Please read!

OK, I have been having that same problem over the past couple days. I think the malware warnings are because on Safari and Google Chrome. I guess they have detected malware on this site recently. Anyway, I do not know a lot about malware, but I can tell you how to disable the malware warnings if you use Safari or Google Chrome.

For Those of you that use Safari:
Go to Safari at the top toolbar. It should be next to the apple icon. Then go under preferences, which should be the fourth from the top. A box should come up for preferences with icons at the top. Go under security which has a lock icon over it (fourth icon from the right). Uncheck the first box that says warn when visiting a fraudulent site. Then the warnings should stop.

For Those of you that use Google Chrome:
This link should help you: http://www.ehow.com/how_7258942_disable-google-malware-warnings.html
I only have safari so I cannot tell you myself but this link will tell you how to disable it I believe.


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