It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

I am on a complete McFly high right now! Hey, that rhymed! Sorry. Anyway, I decided to right a McFly fic! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! This is Elliot's Story!!!!

Please comment because it means alot to hear, or read really, what you think! Maybe even favorite? The first person to leave a very long comment (or at least to my standards) will win a place in my story and u can pick which McFly guy uu want! How's that? Huh? Let the reading commence!

Chapter 7

Meeting The Guys........Again

I was in training with Harry again when he suddenly got a thoughtful look on his face and trust me when I say, that is never good. He looked up at me and smiled. But, it wasn his usual smile. He was planning something. Again, that´s never good. "You haven´t seen the guys in a while have you?" He asked, still with that annoying smirk. "No, I haven. Why?" I asked cautiously. "Well, since Iḿ so good..." He started. "Your not that good." I stated simply. "Yeah, well, anyway. Why don we take a break and go visit them?" He asked. I wouldn actually mind that, and we are ahead of schedual. Hmm. "Yeah, sure. Why not?" I replied and he seemed a little shocked. "Really?" He asked and I just nodded. "I didn think that would actually work." He mumbled to himself but, I still heard him. "It didn´t, I just really miss Dougie´s Flying hugs." I told him and he just laughed while looking a little sheepish at the fact that he got caught. We went in his car because he was too proud to go in mine. We arrived at Tomś house about half an hour later. We figured thatś where they be because they normally are. We didn knock, Harry just walked straight in. "Hey guys!" He shouted. "Hey Harry. We thought Elliot would be torturing you about now. Though you don mind do you? You actually enjoy it." Shouted Danny from the living room. They obviously hadn seen me yet because it was followed by laughter. "Course he enjoys it. Have you seen her? She hot. Itś not surprising he has a crush on her and he enjoys the torture." Answered Dougieś voice, we stiil hadn walked into the living room. I looked at Harry to see him a very deep redcolor in the face. I smirked at him and rounded the corner to where the boys sat with their backs facing me. "Either that or itś because all I wear are shorts that show off my dancer legs." I said sarcastically and they all turned to look at me with stunned expressions. I also noticed that Giovanna was sitting next to Tom, both of them trying to hide their laughter at the look on Dougie and Dannyś faces. "Hi, guys." I said with a triumphant smile. Thatś when Tom and Gio lost it and broke out laughing. Along with Harry of course. "I actually came here because I missed Dougieś flying hugs but...." I looked over at Dougie who was still frozen then turned back to Tom. ".....He seems too stunned to move right now so, how bout you instead?" I asked with a smile and holding my arms open for a hug. He got up with a smile on his face and gave me one of his big bear hugs. "I missed you Elliot." He told me and I smiled. "I missed you too." I replied and then turned to Gio. "How the hell have you survived so long alone with this lot?" I asked her. "I have no idea." She replied and then came forward to give me a hug as well. Once she released me I turned to the other two, who were still frozen. I walked in front of them and knelt down to their level, seen as they were sitting down, and faced Danny. I clicked my fingers in front of his face and he snapped bck to reality. "Hi." I said with a smile. His face broke into a very wide smile and he tackled me to the floor. "Ah." I choked out as I was flattened. "Good to see you too Dan." I said and then he let me up. I knelt down in front of Dougie and thought for a minute. He wouldn be as easy as Danny was. I smiled to myself and kissed his cheek. He was promptly brought back to earth and he smiled at me. "No fair!" Shouted Danny from behind us. "How come he gets a kiss on the cheek and you just click your fingers for me?" He whined. "Coz Dan, Your easier than he is." I said with a small smirk and everybody laughed at the double meaning while Danny gave me a playful glare. Dougie the got up and wrapped his arms around my waist, then started spinning. This was his flying hug because my feet actually lifted off the ground. I was laughing the whole time and then when he stopped we both collapsed on the couch from being dizzy.Everyone else was laughing at us as we steadied ourselfs. "How come, when you see them again, they all get hugs? When you see me again, I get yelled at?" Harry asked and I turned to face him with a playful glare. "Because, they actually bothered to keep in contact." I told him. Which was true by the way. I had been talking to the other ever since they left, but Harry, not so much. "Okay, Iḿ shutting up now." He said. "Yeah, you better. Otherwise Iĺl show you real torture." I told him with a small smirk. He audibly gulped and looked a little scared. Like I said before. You do not want to mess with me. He just nodded while the others laughed, Danny and Dougie looking a little sheepish. We spent the whole day talking and laughing. Harry diidn know a lot about what happened in the last eight years so, I told them a few stories, some the others already knew, others they didn´t. By the end of the day I had made plans to meet up with Gio some time and promised to talk to the guys a lot more and soon. All in all, it was a pretty good day. As we got back to the training place where my car was parked I turned to Harry with a smile. "I had fun today, thank you." I told him and he smiled. "Well, I´ve gotta do something to make up for the last eight years and I think this was a good start." He replied. I suddenly smirked and he looked cautious. "What?" He asked. "Don´t think you can do this every time you want to get out of training because, it wont work." I told him and he pouted a little. "Damn." He mumbled. "Bye Harry." I said as I got in the car and shut the door. "Bye." He replied and waved as I drove home.

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