It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

I am on a complete McFly high right now! Hey, that rhymed! Sorry. Anyway, I decided to right a McFly fic! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! This is Elliot's Story!!!!

Please comment because it means alot to hear, or read really, what you think! Maybe even favorite? The first person to leave a very long comment (or at least to my standards) will win a place in my story and u can pick which McFly guy uu want! How's that? Huh? Let the reading commence!

Chapter 6


AN: All videos I post on here you will have to use your imagination and swap Aliona with Elliot! ALL videos!

Check out this video before reading on!

This is what she is wearing.

I walked up to the studio to see Harry waiting outside, leaning against the wall. At the sound of my car door shutting, he looked in my direction. "Okay, I'm not complaining but, Why are you wearing shorts in September, in England? It's not even warm when it's August." He stated with a slightly confused expression. "Because, Harry. When you are going to be training for hours on end, you need to be comfortable and I happen to be at my comfiest when I'm wearing shorts. Plus, I don't feel the cold, you should know that." I said as I opened the door and we both walked in. "Fair enough." He replied. He took off his hoodie and scarf (Rolls eyes) and puts them on the bench before turning to me. "So, what first boss?" He asked with a small smirk. "Yeah, that's right. I am your boss so, you better listen to me." I replied and he just nodded with a small smile. "First things first, when the guys come her and start asking questions, you do not tell them that we were friends when we were younger. It could cause a whole lot of trouble in the media and we don't want that." I told him and he nodded along with an expression of understanding. Well, he is a rock star. "Okay, now. Do you want to hear your song?" I asked with a knowing smile. He just smiled back and nodded. I walked over to the cd payer and put it in. "I think your going to like this one. We're doing the cha cha cha." I told him and then I pressed play. Harry Smiled even wider when he heard the music. 'Moves Like Jagger' By Maroon 5 was our song for the cha cha cha. "I thought you'd like it." I said when the song was finished and he was smiling like a kid in a candy store. After that I started teaching Harry the actual dance. "No, left Harry. Left." I told him. Again. "I am going left." He answered. "No, my left. Not your left, my left." He stopped for a second. "Oh." Was all he said before he started dancing again, only this tie, doing it right. After our first rehearsal, I was quite pleased with how it was going. Harry was actually a good dancer. Not perfect but, I could fix that. So, the next day I brought a little surprise. Harry was waiting for me to tell him what to do while I dug through my bag, looking for something. "I brought you a little surprise." I said as I straightened back up, holding a pair of drum sticks. He looked at me with a sightly amused smile. "I want you to drum, while dancing." I told him with a cheeky smile. "Thought it might help improve your rhythm." I finished. He took the drum sticks off me and I put the music on. He went through the whole routine and didn't mess up once. All the while, drumming to the beat of our song. After it was finished he just looked at me. I walked up and stood in front of him. "That was way too good, give me those." I said, snatching the drumsticks back, though I was smiling the whole time. He just laughed as I put them back.

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