It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

I am on a complete McFly high right now! Hey, that rhymed! Sorry. Anyway, I decided to right a McFly fic! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! This is Elliot's Story!!!!

Please comment because it means alot to hear, or read really, what you think! Maybe even favorite? The first person to leave a very long comment (or at least to my standards) will win a place in my story and u can pick which McFly guy uu want! How's that? Huh? Let the reading commence!

Chapter 5

Launch Show

Over the next few months the training continued and me and Harry were starting to become close again. He had given me his number and I had given him mine. We were talking all the time and we were having loads of fun. Him and Alex were getting really good at dancing, along with Holly, Chelsee and Jason. Harry had joined our little rebel group and I was still the only girl. Not that they minded. We were currently on our way to the studio for the launch show. I was jumping with excitement while Alex was shaking with nerves. "Relax Alex. Your good, you really are and your not doing much tonight, plus you'll be in a crowd of other dancers. You'll be fine." I told her and she gave me a small smile. We arrived at the studio and as soon as I stepped out of the car, I was picked up by James and Brendan and being carried into the studio. "Guys! Door!" I shouted at them and they ducked before I hit my head. I walked in, or rather got carried in, to see everyone laughing at us. As they put me down I tripped and nearly hit the floor but, someone caught me. "You know, for a dancer, your quite clumsy." Said whoever had caught me. "Oh, shut up." I said, slapping Harry's shoulder. He just laughed at me. "Come on, we have to go and get ready." Said Ola as she came up to me and started puling me to the dressing room. I waved at the others while mouthing 'Help'. They all laughed at me. After I was done getting ready I walked back to the others. I walked up behind Harry and gave him the scare f his life by blowing in his ear. I know he hates that. "You know I hate that." He said. See? "That's exactly why I do it mate." I told with a fake innocent look. He just rolled his eyes and then seemed to realize what I was wearing. "Wow." Was all he said. "I hope that's a good wow?" I asked. "Oh, trust me, it is." He replied and I just laughed at him. The professional dancers were going on first and dancing to 'Born This Way' By Lady Gaga. Once everyone was ready and the introduction had been done, we all went out to the dance floor. I was partnered with Artem and I was extremely flattered because he is possibly the best male dancer here. Don't tell the others I said that. (Watch this and replace Aliona with Elliot! After we finished dancing, we got a standing ovation and we went back to get changed. After we were changed and ready it was time to be paired off. All The girls went out and waited in front of Robbie and Brucey. After a while Robbie was paired with Ola. So, at least he got what he wanted. After that, Dan was paired with Katya and then it was Harry. I was kind of anxious because I wanted to be his partner but, I also wanted to meet new people and having a partner I didn't know would help that. Well, here it goes. "Harry Judd, your partner will be.........." We were all waiting with baited breath for this. "Elliot Stone." I smiled really widely and ran over to him. He picked me up and spun me around as he said "Yes". When he put me down he kept a hand around my waist. "Well, done. She's such a good dancer." Said Bruce. I blushed a bit at that. "She'll teach you things you never knew you could do." He continued. The whole crowd 'Oooh'd and me and Harry just laughed. "I hope." Finished Bruce which just made us laugh more. We walked up the steps hand in hand, well, actually I skipped, pilling Harry behind me and I saw Tom in the audience so, I smiled and waved at him. He copied my action and then I headed up the steps with Harry. "Is everybody happy with their partners?" Tess asked. I heard the other two reply but, couldn't really make out what they said but, I did hear what Harry said. "Yeah, absalutley." was his answer. How sweet. "You feeling good?" She asked. "Very." Was Harry's answer and he was still holding my hand. Tess talked to Robbie and Ola and then went back to hear the judges comments on the new couples. Len seemed to like the pairs. He made a comment about Harry being a terrific drummer too. After that, I had to rush off because I had to do my welcome dance right after Pasha's. He got all the girls. When he came off and I had changed, it was my turn and guess who I was dancing with? Brendan. (This is the dance. Just replace Aliona with Elliot again.
After My welcome dance, I got a standing ovation and then I walked back to the others. They were all telling me how good I was and how I looked fabtastic. I thanked them all and then bumped into Harry. "That was amazing." He told and I smiled at him. "Thank you." I replied. "When did you start dancing?" He asked. My smile dropped a bit. "After you left. I was so mad after a few months that you hadn't called or anything so, I found something to put my energy into." I told him. "I really am sorry about that." He told me. "I know" I replied. "Now, excuse me, I have to go and change. Again." He laughed at the look on my face and let me past. After a few more people were paired up, it was time for the professional dancers to go in again. This time we were dancing to 'Sweet Child Of Mine' one of my favorite songs. (Again, just replace Aliona with Eliot!! We got a standing ovation, once again and we all went to change while Alex and Edwina were paired up. After the last of the pair ups and after we had all changed, Again. It was time for the group dance. ( I think u know what to do by now. swap Aliona for Elliot.) I felt so comfortable dancing with Harry and I was really glad that he was my partner. It was going to be a lot of fun.

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