It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

I am on a complete McFly high right now! Hey, that rhymed! Sorry. Anyway, I decided to right a McFly fic! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! This is Elliot's Story!!!!

Please comment because it means alot to hear, or read really, what you think! Maybe even favorite? The first person to leave a very long comment (or at least to my standards) will win a place in my story and u can pick which McFly guy uu want! How's that? Huh? Let the reading commence!

Chapter 3

Meeting The Dancers

The next day Alex and Elliot were talking about strictly and who they thought would be on it this year and who their partners would be out of whoever they came up with. They had both heard rumors about who would be on there this year but, they weren't sure. Once again, they were suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing. Alex answered it this time and then handed it to Elliot. "It's fr you." She said. Elliot took the phone off of her and put it to her ear. "Hello?" She asked. "Hi, this is Ola Jordin, one of the dancers fro strictly." Ola answered on the other line. "Oh, hi. What can I do for you?" Elliot replied. "Well, there are two new dancers this year, including you so, a few of the dancers have decided to go out for a drink and2 get to know you both. Would you like to come?" Ola asked sweetly. "Oh, I'd love to. Where are you meeting?" Elliot asked. "If you give me your address, I would be happy to pick you up." Ola answered. "Oh, great. Thanks. What type of get together is this? I need to know what to wear." Elliot questioned. "We'll make a night of it. Night out." Ola replied. Elliot gave her the address to the apartment and told Alex what was happening. She was okay with it and she helped Elliot choose what to wear. Actually, she only chose the earrings. (This is what he wore. At seven o'clock Ola showed up at the door and they headed out. They also picked up the other new dancer who's name was Pasha. "So, when did you start dancing?" Ola asked them both. Elliot was in the front with her and Pasha was in the back. "I started dancing when I was 6. My mother signed me up for dance lessons." Pasha answered. "Wow. No wonder your so good. We've all seen a video of you dancing. Both of you. So, what about you Elliot? When did you start? You look like you've been doing it since you were, like, four." Ola glanced at Elliot and saw the slightly sad look on her face. "What's wrong?" She asked. "I started dancing when I was fourteen. Something happened and I just needed to distract myself so, I took up dancing." Elliot answered. "14?" The other two asked in surprise. "Yeah." Was all she could say. "Wow. You must be really talented. To start at 14 and be as good as you are now is amazing. Imagine what you would be like with a few more years." Pasha told her. He had also been sent a video of her dancing and vise versa. "Well, what happened? You know, to make you take up dancing?" Asked Ola, looking a little concerned. "My best friend of twelve years just up and left for London. He didn't even tell me. I didn't ind out until the day he left, when he came to say goodbye. I tried contacting him but, his phone number had changed and he wouldn't answer my e-mails. I didn't even know where in London he was." Elliot told them and a lone tear slipped down her cheek. Ola took one hand off of the steering wheel and squeezed one of Elliot's. Elliot glanced at her and smiled slightly. "Thanks." She said, wiping the tear of her cheek. "Anytime. You need anything, you come to me." Ola told her with a smile of her own. She then stopped the car and smiled at them both. "We're here." She told them. They all got out of the car. They walked into the pub and were greeted by all the others. Elliot and Pasha were welcomed to the strictly team and Elliot got a few hugs from the girls along with a few kisses on the cheeks from some of the boys. After they had all said their hellos, they all sat down with a drink and started talking. They were all laughing before long and Elliot had forgotten about Harry for the moment. "So, anyone know who our celebs are going to be this year?" Asked Brendan. "Oh, yeah, I do." Said James. "Fancy sharing?" Asked Elliot with more than a hint of sarcasm. James sent her a playful glare but, he was smiling the whole time. "The celebs are, Alex Jones, Anita Dobson, Audley Harrison, Chelsee Healey, Dan Lobb, Edwina Currie, (Everyone groaned at this one) Holly Valance, Jason Donovan, Lulu, Nancy Dell'Olio, (another groan) Robbie Savage, Rory Bremner, Russel Grant and Harry Judd." He answered. Elliot froze at the last name. "Sorry, who did you say the last one was?" She asked. "Harry Judd." James answered. Elliot visibly paled and everyone noticed. Ola took her hand again and squeezed. "Are you alright?" She asked. Elliot turned to her, still pale. "Remember the story I told you in the car?" She asked Ola. She nodded so Elliot continued. "Well, Harry was......" She trailed off. She couldn't say it. "The one who left?" Ola asked. She had a look of realization and sympathy. Elliot just nodded. "I'm going to take her outside for a minute." Ola told everyone and they just nodded. She led Elliot outside and sat on one of the benches with her. "Are you alright?" She asked again. "I just can't believe that, after 8 years with no call or anything, I'm going to have to do this with him." Elliot answered. "You might not even get him as your partner." Ola tried to console her. "But, he'll still be there. And what if I do?" Elliot asked, looking panicked. "Then we'll all help you through it. And I'm sure Alex will as well." Ola answered and Elliot smiled at her. "Thank you." She said. "Hey, like I said, anytime." Ola answered with a smile. They both walked back into the pub and Elliot was greeted with many worried faces. Apparently Pasha had told them the story. She wasn't mad at him. In fact she was glad that he had told them, it would save her doing it. After assuring everyone that she was fine and a few hugs, they went back to talking and laughing. Elliot could tell that she was going to make great friends here and they would be friends for life

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