It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

It Will Be His Downfall, Or Will It be Mine?

I am on a complete McFly high right now! Hey, that rhymed! Sorry. Anyway, I decided to right a McFly fic! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! This is Elliot's Story!!!!

Please comment because it means alot to hear, or read really, what you think! Maybe even favorite? The first person to leave a very long comment (or at least to my standards) will win a place in my story and u can pick which McFly guy uu want! How's that? Huh? Let the reading commence!

Chapter 2

Big News

A/N: The picture at the start of the chapter is of what Elliot looks like now.

It had been eight years since the boys left. Elliot was now 22 years old and had taken a career in dancing. She was very good and anyone who saw her dance would think she had been doing it her whole life, but the truth was, she had started after the boys had left. She wanted something to distract her so, she signed up for dance lessons. She was a natural from the start an her teachers were very proud of how far she had come. She shared an apartment with her best friend Alex Jones, who happened to be a famous presenter. She and Alex were very close and equally crazy. Alex was the spunky Welsh girl and she was the spunky English girl. They were like sisters really and they loved each other as if they really were. Alex had brought out the real Elliot again but, she looked lot better without glasses and she had dyed her her. Elliot was currently sitting in their apartment watching TV. Alex was sitting next to her and they were flipping through the channels. Suddenly, the phone rang and Elliot sprang up to answer it. "Hello? She asked. "Hello, is this Miss Elliot Stone?" A woman on the other line asked. Her voice sounded vaguely familiar. "This is she." Elliot answered. Elliot took the phone call into the kitchen, leaving a curious Alex waiting for her to return. At the sound of a scream, Alex's head snapped towards the kitchen. Elliot came running in with a huge smile on her face. Alex looked at her quizzically but, she just smiled even wider. "You know how you were asked to do Strictly this year?" Elliot asked her. Alex slowly nodded, she had been asked a few weeks ago and had accepted. She would start training next week. "Well, they just asked me to be one of the professional dancers. Aliona can't do it this year." She explained and Alex broke into a smile. They squealed together and hugged. They were both so excited. They would be working together on one of the most challenging and best experiences they would have. Little did they know that they were in or one hell of a roller coaster.

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