Chapter 1


My name is Lena.
My best friend, Emily, and I had known each other since practicly birth. We would do everything together. And everyday we would come down to a spot near the water, it was our half-way point between our houses. It was beautiful there. There was a bench surrownded by grass that overlooked the water. We always sat there when we came down and sometime we would bring bread for the ducks. We would spend hours here- sometimes we would get here at 4 in the afternoon and not leave until close to midnight.
But when we were both 18, everything changed.
Emily got a boyfriend. And one rainy night, she didn't come.
She never missed a night. No matter the weather.
I left that night in tears. I thought she thought her boyfriend was more important than her best friend that she's known since we were born.
When I called her home to see where she was, I wished that that was what happened.
When her mom answered the phone in tears,I knew something was wrong.
She said that Emily had gone out and it started to rain on the way home. Their cair skitted off the road into a ditch and head on into a tree. The police called and said her boyfriend survived, but Emily didn't.
But still I go to our spot every night and sit on our bench. The spot that Emily always sat in remains empty, but I can almost swear that I here her voise every night and I can still see her sitting next to me in her place.
In OUR place.


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