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Height: 5'6"
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
Séxual Orientation: Bi
Do you Smoke?: No
Do you Drink?: No
Do you Take Drugs?: No

Age you get mistaken for: People usually get my real age
Real age: 14
Have Tattoos?: Nada

Want any tattoos?: Not really

Got any Piercings?: Nope
Want any (more) piercings?: Nah, I'm good.
Relationship status: Single

Favorite Movie: Inception
Someone you miss: My Guinea Pig
A fact about your personality: I am a huge animal-lover.
What I hate most about myself: I cannot draw well and too sensitive about things.
What I love most about myself: I can write pretty well (not the best though) and being loyal to my friends.
What I want to be when I get older: Wildlife Rehabilitator and an author

My relationship with my parents: I love them. They are really nice and I pretty much tell them everything.

What I hate the most about school: You have to get up early and listen to teachers blab on and on.

What my last text message says: Cya! :)

What word upset me the most: When people say something is gay. It can be insulting to people that are gay.

What words make me feel the best: Friends, wolf, dog.

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly: To have a mentor that can help me learn about animals and teach me about nature.

What I find attractive in guys: Idk really

Where I would like to live: The Rocky Mountains

My childhood career choice: Author

My favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough

Who I wish I could be: Sometimes I wish I could be a wolf who lives in the wild with a pack.

Where I want to be right now: With my friends.

The last thing I ate: I muffin.

Favorite band: I like a lot bands but favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin or Three Days Grace.

Four favorite male artists: Billy Jo Armstrong, Adam Lambert, Chad Kroeger and Adam Gontier
Three favorite female artists: Jen Ledger and well, I'm not sure. I don't listen to female singer much.
Artist with the most influence on my life: Adam Lambert. He's really the only pop singer I listen to and I really like him. He is not afraid to be himself. I've liked him every since I first saw him on American Idol.
Top 20 favorite songs of all time:

1. If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback
2. I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin
3. Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin
4. Holiday- Green Day
5. Hero- Skillet
6. Sound of Madness- Shinedown
7. What Do You Want From Me- Adam Lambert
8. Knives and Pens- Black Veil Brides
9. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
10. Citizen Soldier- 3 Doors Down
11. It's Not My Time- 3 Doors Down
12. Sing- My Chemical Romance
13. Time of Dying- Three Days Grace
14. Break- Three Days Grace
15. Devour- Shinedown
16. Numb- Linkin Park
17. Someday- Nickelback
18. Pain- Three Days Grace
19. Dance With the Devil- Breaking Benjamin
20. Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance

Ten favorite actors: I really don't keep up much with actors and actresses. Plus I feel too lazy to list them right now.
Five favorite actresses- Again, I really don't feel like listing them.

Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Wolves and dogs
Favorite hair color: Black
Favorite gender: I don't know really. Gender does not really matter to me.

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