its a crying shame


Chapter 1

crying shame.

by: burr
its a crying shame.
she sits in her room, all alone
she wonders why everyone seems to walk away.
why does it hurt?
why must she feel this pain?
its a crying shame
she feels this way.
i know this girl.
she sits home all day
ignores her phone
jus so noone will call.
she feels alone.
like noone understands.
she wonders why
as she lifts the blade.
its a crying shame
that nobody knows her name
whsipers and stares
follow her everyday, everywhere
she hates her life
and she wonders why.
all alone
disappointment and tears
she whispers why
as she brings the blade down
once again watching the blood pour out.
its a crying shame
that noone knows her name
that noone knows her pain.
she puts on a mask
as she cries her tears of shame.
she hates her life,
she sits in her room day & night.
she wonders why?
nothing goes right.
everythings wrong
everythings never goina go right!
its a crying shame.


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