There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Victoria Grissom

Hair:Dark brown, with Deep Red highlights.

Eyes:Dark blue, almost like the ocean.


Victoria is Grissom's younger sister, who not many people know about until she starts working for the Las Vegas Police Department that is. After meeting everyone and learning how things work in the lab, Grissom assigns her a strange case which she has to solve with her partner: Nick Stokes.

Chapter 3

Crime Scene And A Gruesome Sight

~We opened the door and went inside.~

"Whoa! It wreaks!" I said, going into the house and putting my hand over my nose.
"You'll get used to it." Nick replied, walking passed me and heading to the living room.

"I hope so....So, where should we start?" I asked, looking around the small and badly-lit house.
"I guess you can start in the bedroom. It's over there." Nick replied, gesturing at a partially closed door at the far end of a dark hallway.

I started walking over to it slowly, my heart beating faster with each step that I took. I slowly got to the door, and opened it wider.

I suddenly gasped and screamed at the horrid sight inside.

The lovely room now had blood splatter on all the walls, and the bed had a pool of dark red blood on it. On the bed, soaking in the pool, was a human body.

And that body....Had no head!

I quickly turned around, and started running back to the living room. But I instantly crashed into something.

Actually, someone. Nick to be specific.

"Whoa! Are you alright?" He asked suddenly.
"The room.................Blood...........No head................" I mumbled, burrying my head into his chest.
"Oh.............It's okay Victoria..........You'll be alright..." Nick said, wrapping his arms around me.

If I wasn't so terrified by what I had just seen, I would have pulled away from him and had punched him. But, I was too scared right now to do that to him.

Anyways, I kind of felt................I kind of felt better thanks to him.

"Whoa! Um......Sorry to interrupt but......Um, excuse me!"

A guy with light brown hair, black glasses, and a medical stretcher behind him said.

"Oh! Sorry David..." Nick said, pulling me to the side.

"Um......Are you new? I've never seen you before." The guy named David said.
"Yeah...She's new. Her names Victoria Grissom. She's Gil's sister." Nick answered for me.
"Oh! Well hey! I'm David Phillips." David said, holding out a gloved hand to me.
"Hi..." I replied, taking his hand and shaking it.

He smiled, and then looked over to the bedroom door that was wide-open now.

His smile faded when he noticed that, and turned around to look at Nick and I.

"Did someone go into the room?" he asked.
"I-I did......." I answered, remembering the bloody room.
"Oh.....I'm sorry you had to see that on your first day!" David said.

"David, why didn't you take the body over to the morgue before we got here like usual?" Nick asked.
"I got side-tracked while coming over here. I'm sorry!" David answered.
"It's okay David." I answered back, not wanting the poor guy to feel bad.
"I truly am sorry!" He replied.

He then glanced at his watch. "Oh no! I better get that body over to the Mourge soon. Doc wants to do the autopsy before he takes a break."

With that, he went over to the room with the stretcher following behind him closely.

"Hey, um...Do you want to go get some coffee? There's a Starbucks just across the road. I'll pay." Nick asked suddenly.
"Sure..." I replied, looking up at him.

He smiled, and lead me to the door. We got out of the house, crossed the road, and headed over to the Coffee shop.

Nick and I walked into the shop, and I headed to a small table near the window where I could see the Crime Scene well.

Nick went up to the cashier, and ordered some coffees. He came over to the table a couple seconds later with two coffee cups in his hand, placing one in front of me and sitting down on the opposite side of the table.

"Was that bad hu?" Nick said.
"Yeah...I can't get it out of my mind....." I replied, plonking my head on the table.

I then felt a hand gently fall over mine.

"You'll be okay Vic. You'll get used to seeing things like that. It'll take a while, but you will. I promise." said Nick.
"I sure hope so..." I said, moving my hand away from his and picking up the coffee cup.

I slowly put the cup to my lips, and blew on the coffee. I then took a sip from it, and felt the warm drink go down my throat.

I sighed, and said "Coffee.......Probably one of my best friends."
Nick grinned, and replied, "Good when you're tired, cold, or sad."

I smiled a bit.

"Ha! I made you smile!" Nick said grinning.

I rolled my eyes and laughed a bit.

"Even better! I made you laugh!"

After a few minutes of him making me laugh and such, we left to go back to the Crime Scene.

"Uhm...So you ready to go back in? David already took out the body..." Nick said, going towards the door of the house.
"Y-Yeah...I'm ready..." I said, gripping my evidence case.

Nick slowly opened the door, and we walked in.

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