There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Victoria Grissom

Hair:Dark brown, with Deep Red highlights.

Eyes:Dark blue, almost like the ocean.


Victoria is Grissom's younger sister, who not many people know about until she starts working for the Las Vegas Police Department that is. After meeting everyone and learning how things work in the lab, Grissom assigns her a strange case which she has to solve with her partner: Nick Stokes.

Chapter 2

The Ride Over To The Crime Scene

~Nick Stokes and I had just met, and I already disliked him.~

I looked out the window, hoping we would get to the Crime Scene soon.
We were in almost complete silence, with only the music from the radio breaking it.

"So...Um...What made you want to get this job?" He asked suddenly, probably trying to get on my good side.
"I had no other job, and Grissom thought it would be great if I worked as a C.S.I." I answered, not looking away from the window.

"Oh.............Is Grissom your only family?" He asked.
"Other than Rigby and my mother, yes." I replied.

"Rigby? Who's Rigby?"
"Rigby's my Border Collie."
"You have a dog? Sweet. I wish I had a dog." He said, sounding interested.
"I guess it is. If you want a dog, then buy one." I asnwered, looking over to him.
"Well, I can, but I don't have anyone to take care of it when I'm away. Being a C.S.I means I don't have much time to go home and relax."
"Well, I don't have anybody to look after Rigby. And I'm going to have the same issues as you." I said, looking back over to the window.

It went quiet again between us. Me looking at the scenery we were passing, which wasn't very pretty, and him driving.

"So how far was the Crime Scene again?" He asked.
"You don't remember? Wow...." I replied, getting out the case file from my bag.
"Yes, yes I did. It's not like I'm going to remember everything okay?" He replied, a faint hint of anger in his voice.
"Whatever........It's near the Tangerines Casino. So a few more minutes. But I don't think I'll be able to last that long in this car with you....." I answered.
"You don't need to be so rude. And for your information, a lot of girls would LOVE to be in your shoes." Nick said.
"Ha! Yeah right...." I replied.
"Girls consider me attractive." said Nick.
"Well, just so you know, I don't!" I replied, not looking at him.

To be honest, he was actually good looking. And the accent was kind of a bonus. But I wasn't going to tell him that! Especially after our meeting.

"Whatever you say......" He said, "So. Got a boyfriend or something?"
"Boy, would you like to know..." I replied.
"So you do?" He said.
"Ugh. No, no I don't. God.....Why do you want to know anyways!?" I snapped, annoyed of his constant questioning.
"Just wanted to know." He answered simply.
I rolled my eyes, and analyzed the Case file again.

"You know, if we're gonna be partners...We have to get along." He said after another quiet moment.
"Who said that.....Anyways, this might be our only case together. I might end up getting another partenr or something. I'd rather have Grissom or Warrick be my partners.
"Warrick? You know Warrick?" Nick asked suddenly.
"Well duh. He's one of my closest friends. An old pal of mine from a long time ago." I answered.
"Oh. You and Warrick aren't......togeher right?" Nick asked hesitantly.
"Ugh! No! Warrick and I are just FRIENDS! " I said, turning around and staring at him. "Why do you want to know?" I said, squinting my eyes at him.
He glanced at me quickly, and had a faint shade of red on his face.
"I was just wondering....." He said simply.
"M hmm. Sure. Whatever..." I replied, still squinting at him.
"I simply just wanted to known......" He said.
"Okay...." I said, turning back to the window.

What was up with his weird questions!?
Wy did he want to know if I was single or not!?
Why did he care anyways!?
Those questions kept popping into my head, making me wonder if Stokes liked me or something.....If he did like me, it would be realy weird because we've only known each other for a couple of hours now.

"Hey Victoria...What is that buzzing in your bag?"
"Damn! It's my phone!" I answered, digging through my bag for my dump little phone.
I grabbed it, and looked at it's screen. It was a call from Grissom.
I clicked on the screen, and answered it.
"Hey. Wanted to check up on you. How is it going?" Grissom asked.
"Um...Stokes and I haven't gotten to the Crime Scene yet..."
"Stokes was stupid and got confused. What do you expect." I answered.
"God Victoria......Be nice to him. He's a good guy."
"Ugh...Fine...But I'm not making any promises Gil!"
"Hey Victoria...Let me talk to Grissom for a moment." Nick said suddenly.
"No! This is my phone, and I'm talking to him right now."
"Victoria..........Stop acting like a little kid and pass the phone to Nick..." Grissom answered.
"Ugh...Fine..." I said, handing the phone over to Nick.
"Grissom! Yeah. We're almost there, so don't worry. Yeah...I'll try. Okay. Bye."
Nick handed my phone back to me, and I talked to Grissom again.
"Yes Gris. Okay.......Bye."
I hung up, and put my phone back into my bag.
"Ugh.........Damn Gil......" I muttered while looking out the window.
"I'm guessing you don't get along very well with Grissom." said Nick.

I didn't want to answer, but I found myself blurting out "Grissom and I don't really get along at times...........But we do care about each other. We have the normal brother-sister relationship everyone usually does."
"Oh. I have that relationship with my siblings too." He answered back.
"You have siblings?" I asked.
"Yup. I'm the youngest out of seven kids."
"Seven!? WOW!" I said astonished.
"Yup! My parents were pretty crazy." He replied.
I laughed, and agreed.
He grinned at me when I laughed.
"Oh hey! We're here! Finally!" I said, pointing over to a small house with yellow Crime Scene tape surrounding it.
"Good! Ok...Now where to park!" Nick said.

He looked around where to park, and finally found a spot.
We got our equipment, and walked over to the house.
We reached the front door of the dark green house, and stood there.
"Ready?" Nick asked.
"Ready." I said.

We opened the door and went inside.

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