There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Victoria Grissom

Hair:Dark brown, with Deep Red highlights.

Eyes:Dark blue, almost like the ocean.


Victoria is Grissom's younger sister, who not many people know about until she starts working for the Las Vegas Police Department that is. After meeting everyone and learning how things work in the lab, Grissom assigns her a strange case which she has to solve with her partner: Nick Stokes.

Chapter 1

First Day

"Ugh....Shut up...." I said, muting the alarm clock.
I slowly got up from my bed and went to my bathroom. There, I took a quick shower, dryed myself, brushed my teeth, and fixed my hair.
I got out and got dressed in a white tank top, torn up jeans, and dark brown boots.

I went to the kitchen and made some breakfast. Rigby, my Border Collie, was snoozing on the couch. My cell phone suddenly began buzzing.

"Hello? This is Victoria." I answered.
"Victoria! Where are you!? You're late!" Said a voice I knew insantly as Gil Grissom's, my older brother.
"What! What time is it!?"I replied, getting up quickly and putting the dirty dish I had in the kitchen.
"It's 9:05 Victoria! You were supposed to be here at 8:00!"He answered, sounding very angry and annoyed.
"Ugh! I'll be there soon Gris! I promise!" I said, getting my car keys and things.
"Okay. I have to go, goodbye Victoria. I'll see you when you get here."
"Bye Gil." I said, hanging up.

I walked over to the door and went outside. I lokced the door and headed over to my garage. I opened it up to see my baby in there.

A '65 Red, Ford Mustang.( )

"Man, how I love this car." I said, putting my things in the back and sitting in the driver's seat. I turned on the car, and started the radio. I tuned it to a Rock Station, which had one of my favorite songs on.

Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin.

It was 9:47 by the time I got to the Police Department. Standing in front of the doorway of the building was my oldest friend ever. Warrick Brown.
I got out of my car quickly, got my things from the back, and walked over to him.
"Hey Vick. Nice ride you got there." He said.
"Hey Warrick. Thanks." I said.
"It's a '65 Ford Mustang right?" He asked, opening the door for me.
"Yes. And don't think of trying to take it out for a rid Warrick, because it's not going to happen" I replied, going into the building.
He laughed and said "So, are you going to need help on finding Grissom's office?"
"Nah. I'll find it myself."I said reassuringly.
"Okay, whatever. If you get lost, you know where to find me." He said, and started walking over to a room the C.S.I team used as a resting spot.

I started walking around, looking for an office with a plaque on it saying my brother's name. But I couldn't find one!
I was about to quit and go find Warrick when I heard my name being called.
"Victoria! There you are! Come on, in here." said my brother, who had popped out of an office I passed a couple of minutes ago.
"Grissom!" I said, running over to him and hugging him.
"Well it's good to see you too." he said, hugging me back, "Come on. You can put your things in here. And hurry. I want you to meet the C.S.I team."

I put my things down on his desk quickly, and went back over to him.
He lead me over to the room the staff use as a lunch room.

"Everyone, this is my sister Victoria." He said.
The people in the room turned their heads over to me, and looked at me with surprise.
"Your sister?" Said a guy with crazy, spiky blonde hair.
"Yes Greg, my sister." Grissom replied, "Victoria, you know Warrick, so I don't have to introduce him to you. So, this is Greg Sanders, Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle, and Nick-Wait, where's Nick?"

Everyone answered that he wasn't here yet, and Gil got angry.
"He better get here soon. This will be the third time he has come to work late this week." He said, leaving the room.

"Okay...Is he ALWAYS like that around here?"I asked the guy named Greg.
"well, depends really. Names Greg." He said, raising his hand.
"Victoria. But call me Vick, Vicky, or V." I asnwered, shaking his hand.

"So who's this Nick guy?" I asked.
"Another member of the team." asnwered Sara.
"Oh. Is he new like me?"
"No. Nick's been here for a while now. But he's usually late at times." Warrick said with a laugh.

The team then started telling me what the usual stuff was around here, and how things worked and stuff. It sounded very interesting.

"Hey guys. Sorry I'm-Who are you?" said a tall guy walking in the room.
"I'm Victoria Grissom, WHO are YOU?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips.
He looked me up and down, and said "Nick Stokes. Wait, did you say Grissom? As in Gil Grissom?"
"Yeah. He's my brother."
"Your brother? Grissom has a sister? Whoa..." He said with a Texan accent.
"What's the 'whoa' for hm?"I said, noticing he was practically gazing at me.
"Nothing....Warrick, who's '65 Mustang is that out there?" He said, quickly trying to change the conversation.
"It's Vick's car." Warrick answered, noding to me.
"It's YOUR car? How did you get that beauty?"
"I got it as a gift. Why do you want to know?" I said, looking at him suspiciously.
He shrugged and said "No reason. Just, when I got here I saw it and wondered who owned it."
"Okay. Whatever..." I said rolling my eyes.
I instantly didn't like this Nick guy at all.
I then got into a conversation with Catherine, who was a very fun person to talk to. But after a couple of minutes, Grissom came into the room.

"Okay. I have three cases right now. Catherine, your with Warrick. Here's your case." He said, handing Catherine a folder.
"Sara, your with me. And Nick, your with Victoria."
"Okay-Wait. Why am I with Stokes?" I asked, folding my arms over my chest.
"Because I said so. Here, this is the folder you'll need. If you need help, ask Nick. Okay?" Grissom said, handing me the folder.
"Okay..." I answered slowly.

Everyone started going to their crime scenes, only leaving Nick and I alone.

"So...What's our case about?" Nick asked, walking over to the table and sitting down.
"I don't know. Let me check." I said, opening the folder and placing it on the table in front of me, "It's about a girl they found in her house."
"Okay. Come on, let's go to the Crime Scene."

We went outside, our equipment in our cases.
He suddenly started walking over to a black car, while I went over to my Mustang.
"What are you doing? We're taking my car." He said.
"No...We're taking MY car." I said, taking a step closer to my Mustang.
"Why would we take YOUR car?" He asked.
"Because MY car is better than YOUR car."
"No it's not. My car is way better." He said, opening the back of his care and putting his case in there.
"You wish! My car is WAY better than yours! Ugh...Whatever, we'll take your stupid car...." I said, going over to him and putting my stuff in the back as well.

We went to the front, and climbed into the car. Him sitting in the driver's seat, and me sitting in the passenger seat.

He turned on the car and it came to life, as well as the radio. A country song was just starting when I quickly turned it off.
"Hey! I liked that song." He said, turning it back on.
"Well I don't. I'm not Country, I'm Rock." I said, looking out the window.
I heard him mumble "That's two things we are obviously going to argue about..."

Nick Stokes and I had just met, and I already disliked him.

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