theres always a weakness in a single person

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~i do not own any but 3 of these characters
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Chapter 1

character information

by: burr
~my character~
NAME:amber bloodrose lynn
nickname: blood
PERSONALITY:Shy, cruel when wants to be,trusts very few people,when she trust you is very outspoken, hates people who are cruel to animals,loves her friends
LOOKS:black hair, comes down to just below shoulders,smokey grey eyes, pale skin,face shows no emotions, when she looks at you, you feel like shes looking right into you.
POWERS:can control the elements ( air, water, fire, earth, and shadows ) , reads minds, telekenisis, changes into a wolf.
WEAPON: swords, knifes, bow & arrow.
WEAKNESS: sunlight
GOOD CHARACTER TRAITS(gct): loyal. sticks up for friends
BAD CHARACTER TRAITS(bct): runs mouth when mad, stand offish, goes through deep depression, cuts.
AGE: 17
GENDER: female

my other character:
name: shadow
power: controls the night, has limited fire ability.
age: 40
looks: normally caught in blue jeans & a t-shirt, salt & pepper hair
personality: there for whoever needs him
other: is the "teach" of emilys home.

~BrokenSmiles:asullennightmare's character~
name:attia brokensmiles
personality: cold,cruel,unkind to most people, when trust is earned kind, loving, caring, and much more
looks: white hair, normally held up in a pony tail, comes down to upper back, red eyes, pale skin, eyes mostly show no emotion, never seems to smile, mostly wears blue dress, black stockings, & shows?, wears a black long sleeve jacket tied around her neck
power: can control darkness/shadows able to make them solid objects
weapon: sword
weakness: places where there arent any shadows/darkness, mostly attacks at night.
gct: loyal
bct: doesnt like new people, thinks shes better off being alone, goes through deep depression, no1 can read how she feels
gender: female

~blondewithspice's character~
name:alexander tigris flintstone
personality: very aware of emotions of the people around him, & surroundings, strong, kind hearted.
looks: short spikey brownish black hair, striking features, strong jaw, amazing smile, very tan & buff, gold eyes, mostly wears black t-shirts with grey baggy sweats,
power: hypnosesis( only uses it 4 good )
gct: aware of right & wrong, always goes in the path of the light.
bct: hard to read, not easily comfortable with new people
weakness: lets moral get in the way sometimes, can be to soft & not brutal enough when he needs to be, age: 16
gender: male
weapon: doesnt usely like to use them, but if he absolutely has to prefers knifes

~wolves_anonymus:raisedbywolves's character~
name: charlene raven
nickname: charlie ( 4 close friends only) pumkin ( for family only )
personality: tough on the exterior, softy on the interior, sweet when wants to be, always gets outta trouble,
looks: blonde almost white hair, goes down to waist, with blood red tips
violet eyes= happy
pink= in love
power: can shapeshift into a leopard & a wolf both have midnight black fur
weakness: can tend to be hot temperd, can lose control, & accidently lose control & kill someone/something
gct: good with adults, can charm anyone into giving her wat she wants
bct: gets a bit distracted, not the brightest bulb in the box
age: 12
gender: female
weapon: 1st choice = browning 22 in. gun 2nd choice= 37 in sterling silver sword with wolfs howling at the moon on the handle

~dobby:feonikks's character~
name: pheonix rose
nickname: rosie/fee
personality: strong, intelligent, fierce,powerful, snappy sometimes,has a temper, loves to think on the bright side of everything, loves fire, hates spiders, sly,witty,funny
looks: heart shape face, cat like yellow eyes, full lips,olive skin, long dark curly hair, tall & curvy
power: controls the element fire
weapon: short & longswords, throwing knifes, but usaully sticks with bow&arrow
weakness: doesnt noramlly let weakness get to her, but has a phobia of spiders
gct: loyal, quick minded, sharp senses, excellent archer, & wielder of swords,
bct: hard to read, dont trust to many people, bad temper
age: 16
gender: female

~my other character~
name: eric b.
power: unknown
weapon: unknown

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