Forbidden Love II : New Life

Hullo all you Quibbloians. Here it is, the sequel to my second most read story.
I hope you love it.
This was written late at night for no reason.

Book One:

Chapter 1

New Begining

Having a baby? Victoria thought. A new step in all of this, like things where well. Stephan smiled at her probably thinking the same thing. They were finally going to have a baby.
After all the struggles with Stephan's Father things could finally go on. Life could resume. It was weird that it took two years to get all of that in motion, but a baby, a baby could make the difference. And old bad life going out of their lives and a new pure one coming in shortly. All the fears of what could have been wrong when she was sick faded. This was indeed great news. Happy new parents. She couldn't stop thinking that thought over and over, going to be parents, having a baby.
They lived in their little house all alone, but it now looked like some accommodations were needed, well within the next nine months anyway.
"You look worried,"the nurse said. "Do you want to get rid of it?"
"What?!" She and Stephan yelled out at once.
"No, we are keeping our baby. I'm not worried, I'm happy. You are happy, right Stephan?"
"No, I'm ecstatic. Of course we're keeping it."
"Okay then. I only said it because sometimes people as young as you two can't handle the responsibility needed to take care of a baby."
"Believe me, I'd love to be a parent," Stephan started, "I just want to give my child a better life than I had."
"Yes, all parents do...Sir?" The nurse looked at Stephan, he hadn't heard her because he was too immersed in his own thoughts of years past, proving that being a better father than his had been wouldn't be too difficult.
The truth was Stephan's father really acted like a horrible person at home, but he was one of those guys who would act nice around everyone else. He could play about anyone. Get them to think that he was the perfect father, role-model, anything he wanted you to think. He had studied in sciences and had worked in Stephan's and Victoria's old private school as a professor. His professional life was fine. It was at home that had turned out to be a failure.
About two years past now Stephan had finally built up the guts to tell Victoria that he loved her, in which she got nervous and didn't want to deal with him, in turn hurting Stephan. He had begun a deep obsession with cutting himself as he usually did when something went terribly wrong. Mostly just because he didn't know any other way to cope with the pain. It was all too much at the time and his father didn’t want him to have anything else to do with Victoria even though she lived with them at the time. He made him choose between her and everything else basically. When he picked her his father wasn’t very happy. He had gone ballistic and had almost tried to kill Stephan. That’s when Victoria had called the police and he had gotten arrested for attempted murder and multiple assault cases. He was now in prison doing a lot of time. Luckily, so much time that there was a good chance that they would never see him again. Which, they were content with.
“Sir? Can you hear me?” The nurse repeated.
“Oh yeah, sorry. I was just thinking.”
“Well okay then. By the looks of it you kids are good to go, any questions?”
“No ma’am. Thank you again.” Victoria said.
“Okay, good luck with the baby!” The nurse yelled as they left the room.
Victoria and Stephan got in the car and buckled up.
“Wow, we’re going to be parents. Can you believe this?” She asked him.
“No, but you have no idea how happy I am to hear it.”
“I’m guessing probably as happy as I am?”
“Somewhere around there,” he said and leaned over and kissed her before he began driving.
On the whole way home they were just beaming with joy, not saying much else then, “I can’t believe this,” and “I’m so happy.” They were the true face of a happy family. The people every girl dreamed of being like and what every guy wanted to make a girl feel like. That’s how happy they were. They got in the garage and Stephan parked the car. Before Victoria got out he said, “stop, I had something for you.”
“Crud. Never mind. Go in, I’ll get it to you then.”
She went inside and sat on the bed waiting for him. He came in later with something hidden behind his back.
“Ooh, what is it Stephan?” She said, jumping up to try to get a better look.
“No, no, no, no, no. Sit down.”
“Fine,” she grumbled.
“I was saving to give this to you later, but I figure this time is as good as any.”
“What is it?”
“Calm down.”
“Okay,” she said and then took a deep breath, “I’m calm now.”
“Now listen,” he said getting down on his knee and she held her breath, knowing what he was going to do next. “Victoria, will you marry me?”
“Yes,” she said, trying to leap into his arms, but in the process tackling him over. “A million times yes,” she said and then kissed him.

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