A Different Kind Of World (Michael Jackson Love Story)

A Different Kind Of World (Michael Jackson Love Story)

All Alexa 'Lexi' wants is to escape from the normality of her life. Being bullied at school, home alone. All she wants is adventure and a life she wont regret.

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Chapter 1

OOH! Shiny!!

High school. Just another place to be bullied, picked on or talked about. It was more of a fighting arena than a school. If not in the popular crowd, you were either degraded or punched. One of the two.
School was a place where the contests consisted of who could humiliate a person the most. The prize for winning...three or four points up the popularity scale. While the loser was humiliated and degraded so much they wished they could disappear. Which is what I felt like most of the time.
There was no comfort at home because I did not discuss my feelings and my parents were always at work. So I usually stayed home on the weekends and explored the forest outside our house just behind the chainlink fence.
My parents had told me not to go out there, but I never listened.
I was just like any other teenager out there. I longed for adventure just like a storybook.
I got dressed pulling on a loose blue shirt and some comfortable jeans.
I stretched and looked out the window.
It was a Friday morning. And normally I would go to school today. I felt like skipping. Which I could do since my grades were almost straight A's. Today was my day off.
Besides who wants to be humiliated on a beautiful Friday morning?
The trees swayed from side to side as the wind gently pushed them. The trees dropped leaves onto the bright green grass.
I loved the fact that we moved near a forest. That was my escape from reality.
I sat down at my desk and that was set in front of my window and picked up my pencil. I twirled it around and rested my head on my other hand.
What should I draw today? I wondered to myself.
My eyes drifted towards outside and I looked at the woods. Just past the fence and a few feet in the woods something glittered.
I sat up and looked at it harder, trying to see what it was.
Then it moved.
I frowned and put down my pencil and raced downstairs hoping that when I got down there it would still be there.
I ran outside to the chainlink fence and rested both of my hands on it staring hard into the woods. I raised myself on my tip toes and looked around.
It shimmered just above the undergrowth near a balding pine tree. My curiosity had been peaked.
I climbed the fence, dropped to the ground and entered the woods to investigate.
It hovered just over the undergrowth but nothing held it up. I frowned and approached it slowly. It was small and glittered with a yellow light. It reminded me a beam of sunlight.
It stayed still for a moment and then shot off deeper into the woods.
"Wait!" I called after it.
Yea right. As if whatever it was could actually understand me. I rolled my eyes and sighed.
I ran after it hopping over tree stumps and fallen logs and branches. But no matter how fast I went it stayed the same distance ahead of me.
Suddenly it disappeared just ahead of me.
I was about to hop over a log when I found myself out of the woods and in a huge clearing. The woods had disappeared and there was no more undergrowth. Just green grass. A distance away from me was the entrance of a forest.
I frowned confused.
I had gone through these woods a thousand time and not once did they just turn into a clearing like this.
A strong wind pushed me forward and my hair was blown into my face. I struggled to keep it behind my ears.
Ok. Lets just take a step back and check out our surroundings. I thought to myself.
I took a step backwards to find that there was no ground behind me.
I flailed my arms and screamed as I desperately tried to regain my balance.
There are no cliffs in the middle of the woods. I thought.
I looked down and saw waves of water crashing into the cliff.
And there are certainly no oceans.
I kept flailing my arms and then I started to fall backwards towards the hungry ocean.
This is a bad dream. Its all a dream. I am going to wake up. Wake Up! I screamed in my mind.
Someone grabbed me. They held me in both arms and my hands wrapped around them instinctively.
I opened my eyes and looked down to see that I was flying upwards away from my death.
I turned my head to see the person that just saved my life. He had dark curly hair and soft chocolate brown eyes that I could stare in forever. He was pale and and full lips.
He turned his chocolatey gaze to mine.
"Dont worry. I got you." he smiled. "By the way, my name is Michael."

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