Masks and Mishaps~An Emo Cinderella Story

Masks and Mishaps~An Emo Cinderella Story

Adrian's a quite 17 year old girl with a nice family. Her music is loud, her artwork is amazing, she can sing. She isn't the most popular, most outgoing, most preppy teen in the world. She is always the first one to know things, and the last one to speak. With bangs hardly ever leaving both eyes she is known as a loner, she doesn't talk very often at school. She is very close to her older brother.

Okay the pic is suppose to be Devon.

Chapter 1

Video Games

Adrian sat on her bed with her music loudly playing in the back ground. Someone pounded on the door, pausing the music she called softly "Come in." Her brother Aaron popped his head in the door and said "Hey Lilly is here if you wanna come into the living room and watch Dev and me play Modern Warfare." She set down her book and stood up, she walked out the door to stand next to her older brother. He looked somewhat like Adrian, his chin length black hair and bright blue eyes. She was skinny, with long shoulder length messy laird black hair, and dark brown eyes, like melted chocolate though you would hardly ever see them.
Aaron ruffled her hair and said "Your more than welcome to play with us if you like." They walked down the stairs into the living room and saw Aaron's best friend Devon, and his girlfriend Lilly sitting on the couch. Devon was Adrian's age and grade, but he got along better with Aaron than her. Devon was 5' 10", with dark brown hair that the bottom lair almost brushed his shoulders, he had dark green eyes. In a manner of speaking, he was really cute in Adrian's opinion. But he just seemed to think of her as his best friends silly little sister, Devon smiled at her and said "Hey Adi! You playing with is today?" She blushed and nodded, Aaron smiled and said "Awesome, your an amazing gamer."
She sat on the coffee table and slipped in the disk, the boys sat next to her Devon passed her a controller and they started the game. She was shooting like crazy all three of them yelled in unison "Die die die!" Lilly proceeded to crack up laughing. Just then the door opened and Aaron and Adi's mom walked through the door, she smiled at the three teens playing video games together. She said over the Russian man speaking "I see you've found a spot to play video games, my coffee table?"
Aaron stammered something about his glasses and Adrian stood up setting down her controller. Lilly smiled and said "Hey kiddo you look down, what's up?" Adi blushed and said "Nothing, nothing at all." Lilly looked at her and said "I'm not a moron, what happened?" Aaron was leaning in listening, his girlfriend proceeded to genitally smack his shoulder. She pulled the younger girl out to the back yard.
"Okay so what happened? Your more depressing than usual." Adrian looked up and said "Well, you know that guy Drake. The one I was dating, well yesterday at lunch he was gloating to a couple of his friends about doing the head cheerleader when I came up. He looked me dead in the eye and said 'You aren't hot enough for me, you are to quiet, annnnddd you only hang out with stupid emo's. So we're over.' " Tears blurring her vision she faltered in her words. Lilly hugged her and said "Well, if he went after that hoe he clearly has no brain." Adrian tried to laugh but failed miserably.
Aaron came out to see his little sister crying he demanded "What happened?" Lilly tried to explain but just trailed off, that didn't help with the overprotective brother very much. He looked at Adrian and said calmly "Hey, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don't worry little sis." Standing up Adi said "I'm gonna go draw or something, tell Devon I'll see him later." Running like the wind into the house. She went into her room and shut her door quietly, turning on the music she pulled out her sketch pad and drew a detailed picture of a some woman standing in the middle of a grave yard.
Adrian sat on her bed for a long time, she finally shut off the music and opened her window. The sounds of small children in the neighborhood playing outside laughing and screaming in the park nearby drifted in her window. Saturday afternoons in the fall where nice enough to open the windows and doors. A stray leaf blew into her room and landed on her lap, she looked at it. It was a pretty shade of red, she picked it up and tossed it out the window. The door opened and Milly Monroe said to her daughter "Honey, dinner is ready." Standing up she walked with her mom down the stairs, Aaron and Mr. Monroe where horsing around in the living room. They stopped when the women entered, Jeremy Monroe said "Ah there's my little girl, how was your day?" Adrian blushed and said "Good daddy, yours?" He smiled and said "Oh it was okay, just another boring day at work. But tomorrow we are all going to the Theme Park here! I won free tickets at work this morning!" Aaron said "Awesome! I am excited now, what time are we going? Oh and how many tickets?" Their dad said with a smile "6 tickets, and most likely 10:00 a.m."
Sitting at the table Adrian didn't say much except that she was excited for tomorrow once. Staring down at her salad she thought about roller-coasters, the really freaked her out, and she loved them at the same time. Wondering aloud she asked "Aaron why did you need to know how many tickets there were?" Her bother looked up and said "Oh, I was gonna ask Devon and Lilly if they wanted to come. But I don't have to ask Dev if you wanna ask someone else." She shook her head quickly and said "No. Just have Devon and Lilly come, I don't need anyone to come." Mrs. Monroe said "Why don't you ask that boy you're dating to come along?" Adi muttered/stuttered "N-n-no, we ar-aren't together anymore." Her mothers face fell and she said "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Adrian blushed and said "It's alright."
Dinner was quite for a while, afterwards Aaron and their dad started doing the dishes. The chores where rotated, every week it would change, one week it would be the children, another the parents, so on and so forth. Sitting on the couch Adi turned on VH1 and started watching pop-up video. The video was Thnks 4 The Memirs by Fall Out Boy, it was funny. Aaron flopped down on his little sister and stole the remote he turned it to MTV. Smiling as a music video came on, sadly it was Niki Manaj (sp?). Turning it back they watched the remainder of the Fall Out Boy video.
Milly came into the living room and said "May I have the remote?" Aaron nodded and handed it to his mother, she turned on Food Network Challenge. The children groaned and Adrian commented "This always makes me want cake, do we have to watch it?" Mrs. Monroe said "If you don't want to watch it go do something else." The eldest went into the kitchen to call his girlfriend, and the youngest went to her room to play Angry Birds.
Laying on his bed Aaron stared at the ceiling and listened to the music emanating from his younger sisters room. That fuvcker she had been dating, hadn't deserved her in the least. The music stopped and the at the door there was a knock he called "It's open!" Adrian walked inside, she was wearing a Pirate's of the Caribbean shirt with skull and cross bones bottoms. Her hair as usual was covering her eyes.He smiled at her and asked "Whats up? Hey, do you have those books that you where reading a while ago?" Adi nodded and said "Yeah, um do you want me to go get them for you. And their called The Series Of Unfortunate Events." He smiled again and said "Yeah, those. I mean if you want to you can?" She nodded and walked back to her room, entering Aaron's room again she said "Here, I brought you the first 3." He smiled at her and said "Thanks, I'll get them back to you as soon as I finish them." Nodding she walked out. Still not stating what she had come for, leaning back Aaron opened the first book and started reading.

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