Just your regular Harry Potter love story

Melody likes Harry Potter, but will he ever like her back? And what does Draco want? Read to find out! (P.S Sirius doesn't die in this story.)

Chapter 1

Hogwarts express

My eyes flashed open. I was going to be late for the Hogwarts Express! My clock said a quarter past 10. Why hadn't my alarm clock rung?!?!?! I got dressed at nearly the speed of light(not really) and grabbed my bags and my barn owl,Serena, by the cage. She woke up and ruffled her feathers idingnatly. "Sorry Serena, but we're gonna be late!" That hushed her while I ran down the stairs with my bags. My brother, Eric, was sitting at the table, eating some toast with strawberry jam. "Eric," I said while quickly brushing my hair, "Why didn't my alarm clock go off? Why aren't you dressed? You'll miss the train!" Eric just laughed. That laugh told me everything. He had set my alarm clock one hour back so when I woke up, it would look like I was going to be late. He knows I freak out when I'm even a minute late for something important. I had really woken up at 9:45. I had panicked for nothing, and he likely enjoyed that. Maybe he learned that prank from his friends, the Weasely twins. "Warum Sie ... Ich werde Sie fur dieses zu erhalten! Wird dir noch leid!" I cried. I should mention, my family is from Germany, but Eric and I were born in England. When I get really angry, I break out talking in german. whoops.
Eric kept laughing. He said through laughter, "Melody, du bist so eine dumme Blondine." I punched him, reminded him he was a blonde too, and went back to my room.
I laid down my bags and Serena. She had decided to get some more shut-eye.
I was watching Sailor Moon on my silver laptop. Muggles invent some really cool stuff, not as cool as magic, but cool. Serena (who I named my owl after) was getting called Meatball head again by Darien. She was in love with Tuxedo Mask, but she hated Darien. She didn't even know that they were the same person. I sighed and wished that Harry would like me as much as Serena liked Tuxedo mask. But that was never gonna happen. He just thought of me as a friend, he hadn't noticed my crush on him that had started when we met in our first year at Hogwarts. We were both in Gryffindor. I sometimes doodled us together in a heart on some spare parchement in class.
A while later, I stood between Platforms 9 and 10 in King's cross station.Eric and Mutter had gone through the portal. I made sure no muggles were watching,closed my eyes, and I ran through. When I opened my eyes, the bright red Hogwarts express puffed some steam, as though glad to see me. Mutter kissed me goodbye as I ran joyfully to the train. My head happened to turn to the right. I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a huge black dog among some aurors. Some where Tonks, Mad-eye Moody, and Kingsely Shacklebolt. Could that be.......Sirius?!?!?!?!? That was terribly rash of him. But it seemed like something he might do. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and boarded the train.
I walked up the train until I found the compartment Harry was sitting in. Neville,Ginny, and Luna Lovegood were sitting with him. I knew Luna because I had told some Slytherins off for teasing her about her beliefs in Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. I didn't believe in them either, but that didn't mean they could laugh at her. "Hi Harry!" I said. "Hey Melody! Do you want to sit with us?" Harry said. I nodded and sat next to him. Neville was sitting next to Luna and Ginny. He was holding something that resembled a small gray cactus, but instead of spines, it had boils. He probably liked it because Herbology was his favorite class. "Uh, what is that?" I asked him. He smiled like he had been waiting for someone in the car to ask. "Well," he said as though he'd been practicing, "It's Mibulus Mibletonia.It's really, really rare. I want to show it to Professor Sprout. I don't know if there's one in the Hogwarts greenhouse, even. This plant has loads of defense mechanisms.Here, hold Trevor for me." He dumped Trevor in my lamp and took out a quill. He poked on of the boils.

Translation for German:
first phrase: Why you....I'll get you for this! You'll be sorry!
second phrase: Melody, you're such a dumb blonde.

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