Silver Bullets

I have a thing for stuff that's not real.
Don't make fun D:
Chapter One Photo: Alexa

Chapter 1

Shut Out

I stepped out of my new 2011 yellow mustang and put my feet on the ground. I heard my red high heels click on the pavement of my new school. I grabbed my big purple purse and tucked it close to my side. I wasn't used to this. I was used to tutoring, partying, and shopping. My platinum blonde hair fell to my mid back and my green eyes always grabbed someones attention, but I was absolutely flawless, at least that's what everyone else thought. I stepped up onto the sidewalk and began to walk one step at a time, I knew by the end of the day my feet would never be the same. My nails were done and I did my makeup perfectly. I was ready. As I stepped through the highschool doors a wave of 'poor' hit my nose. The smell schools have, BO, mixed in with way to much perfume and cologne. I tried my best to not wrinkle my nose in disgust. I walked to the main office when I opened the door I seen old men and women wearing what looked to be hand me down clothes.
"Um excuse me I'm new here can I get my schedule?" I asked politely.
"You're that rich snobby kid?" One of the ladies behind the desk asked, she was a red head, old and looked like she had 7 kids in her stomach. I was appalled. Was I snobby? Or did I just look it.
"Um I'm Alexa Durtred"
"Ah yes" A polite looking man, which I guessed to be the principal said. "Here is your schedule and we have got a student in your grade to show you around" He smiled, I did too. I turned around to leave, I was startled by a blonde boy about my age with chocolatey brown eyes.
"Hi!" He said enthusiastically.
"Um Hello" I smiled. He was cute but way to friendly.
"I'll be showing you around, I'm David" He stuck out his hand. I shook it.
"I'm Alexa" I smiled
"Alright let me see your schedule" He stuck his hand out again this time I put my new schedule into his hand.
He scanned it with intense looking eyes.
"Wild Life Biology, Math, English, and Social studies. Hmph looks like you have all your core classes in the first four hours! I have wild life bio and English class with you" He sounded pleased.
"Then you have graphics, choir and embroidery, Perfect! I'm in choir and graphics with you. Isn't that splendid?"
"Sure is" I muttered . I walked with him to my first hour class, it had already begun but all blue, brown, green, and purple eyes were on me. Yes I said purple. My guess is that they are contacts.
"Ah excuse me interrupting but this is our new student Alexa" the male teacher said. I smiled shyly and attempted to wave. David had already sat down and he beckoned me to come sit by him. I did. He was the only one I knew so far. I instantly regretted wearing skinny jeans as they were constricting my legs from doing any bending at all. And my bright white plain shirt would do no good in lunch. And my red scarf would pretty much be a napkin. I sighed and listened to the teachers droning voice. I zoned out.
"Alexa…Alexa! ALEXA!" Someone yelled I looked up and it was David. "Class just got dismissed c'mon lets go" He smiled. I followed him into my second class, math, the worst subject in the world. The teacher looked like a human rat, and looked as boring as a textbook without any words.
"Alexa you can sit here" the teacher gestured to the desk closest to her table. I had to hold onto everything I had to not let out a sigh and roll my eyes. I sat. Soon it was lunch and I was standing by myself. I pretended like I was looking for someone when I really wasn’t.
“Alexa” I heard, I spun around to find David waving me over to his table. I smiled he was too kind. I walked over and pulled out a chair.
"What’s she doing here" A rough voice said. I looked over and it was the boy with the purple eyes. I blinked. He had tan skin and deep blue eyes. His eyebrows looked like they had been perfectly trimmed and his leather jacket made him look sort of like a bad as.s.
"I can leave if you want" I brought myself to say.
"K preppy whore" He said. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I heard those words before, from my mother. I turned around and wiped the tear out of my eye. I started to run. My heels clicking and clacking on the school floor.
"ALEXA!" I heard David yell. I wasn't having it. When I seen the nearest bathroom I took of my heels and ran there. There were the 4 popular girls standing in there fixing their makeup. They were all blonde with one blue stripe in their hair and wearing short skirts and vests. They were wearing red lipstick that didn't go with their overly tan skin. I ran into the stall and sniffed until I heard them leave. Then i let everything out. I suddenly heard a light tap on the door. I seen hot pink converse and rainbow colored striped socks.
"What?" I said a little shaky.
"A-are you okay?" The girl asked. I sniffed.
"Thank you" I said. And then she left. And I was alone, again.


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