ABC Truths + Extra Questions


Another repost!



Chapter 1

ABC Truths + Extra Questions

Expect this to be long, because most of the time, I won't answer in a word or two. I'll probably write a few sentences. Just warning you... :P

ABC Truths:

A - Avaliable:
Nope. I'm taken by Daniel Hampton :)
B - Birthday:
March Twenty-Sixth, Nineteen-Ninety Four
C - Crushing on:
Daniel Hampton
D - Drink you last had:
E - Easiest person to talk to:
Any of my best friends (Elizabeth Jones, Vanessa McKann, Alyson Fredricks and Daniel Hampton)
F - Favourite song:
"Make Me Wanna Die" The Pretty Reckless
"Long Live" Taylor Swift
"Hysteria" Muse
"The Howling" Within Temptation
And it goes on and on and on... ;)
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms:
Definetly gummy worms. They OWN!
H - Hometown:
London, England
I - In love with someone:
K - Killed someone:
Have I thought about it? Yes.
Have I actually? No.
L - Longest car ride:
Thirteen hours
M - Milkshake flavor:
N - Number of siblings:
O - One wish:
That people could just be who they are and be true to who they are.
P - Person that called you last:
Elizabeth Jones
R - Reason to smile:
Because a genuine smile is beautiful.
S - Song you last sung:
"Prayer of St. Francis" Sarah McLachlan
T - Time you woke up:
Six fifteen in the morning.
U - Underwear color:
V - Vegtable:
A carrot. Hands down.
W - Worst habit:
Biting my nails :(
X - X-rays you have had:
My right pinky because I slammed it in door hinges.
My left ring finger because I fractured it playing basketball.
My chin because I tripped and banged on a table causing it to split open when I was nine.
My ankle because I broke it playing basketball.
Y- Years living where you live:
Seventeen years.
Z- Zodic sign:
I'm an Aries.

Random Questions:

Spell your names with out vowels:
mm lzbth Htchbrg (Emma Elizabeth Hatchburg)
What color do you wear the most:
Black, white and blue because they're my school uniform colours.
Least favourite color:
Mustard yellow or vomit green or brown
What are you listening to:
"We Cry" The Script
Whats your favourite class in school:
English, Physical Education and Creative Writing/Publishing
When do you start back at school:
Already back.
Are you out going out with someone:
Favorite pair of shoes:
My black, blue and green Nikes.
Can you dance:
Er, not very well...
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth:
Sure I can... <<
Can you whistle:
Nope. I've been trying forever though.
Cross your eyes:
Walk with your toes curled:


Do you believe in life on other planets:
Not in our Solar System, but maybe in another galaxy/Solar System.
Do you believe in miracles:
Do you believe in magic:
Yes, I do. But not Witch/Wizard magic. Magic can also be playing music, holding a baby in your arms, having a first kiss, falling in love, etc. Those things are all magic, and people can choose to make those moments magical and special.
Love at first sight:
To a point, yes I do. I think most of the time it's actually lust at first sight rather than love. Love is something that has to be built.
Do you believe in Santa:
I did, obviously. But not anymore, though I do think if someone is idiotic enough to tell a little kid that Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny isn't real, they are ruining a piece of that kid's childhood.
Do you like rollercoasters:
Eh, to a point. Not the big twisty, upside down ones.
Have you ever been on a plane:
Yup. Loads of times.
Have you ever asked someone out:
Yes. That's actually how Daniel and I had our first date. I asked him.
Have you ever been asked out by someone:
Have you ever been to the ocean:
Yup. A few times, actually. I love the ocean.
Have you almost drowned in the ocean:
Temperature outside:
I have no idea as I tend not to keep a thermometor in my bedroom.
Radio station you listen to:
I don't really listen to the radio a lot.
Last thing you bought:
A few books.
"Fallout" by Ellen Hopkins
"Perfect" by Ellen Hopkins
"Paranormalacy" by Kiersten White
"Unbelieveable" by Sara Shepard (Fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series)
"Hunger" by Michael Grant (Second book in the Gone series)
Last TV show you watched:
Gossip Girl
Who was the last person you took a picture of:
My older sister (Rosalia) asleep on the couch with all her Physics notes and textbooks on her lap.
Ever cried your heart out:
Ever cried on a friend's shoulder:
More than once.
Cried over the opposite gender:
Yeah... not really sure what this question means, but I just assume it means crying over someone of the opposite gender who rejected you/was nasty to you.
Cry when you get an injury:
Only when I fractured my left ring finger because I was frustrated because I was out of comission during the basketball season for a while.
Do songs make you cry:
Not usually.
Are you a happy person:
I guess so. I don't look very happy usually, but I generally am.
Current hair colour:
Chestnut brown
What are you wearing:
My Harry Potter T-shirt, white sweat pants and a boys white grey striped Billabing sweater.
Four wristbands (one says 'Speak Now', another one says 'Stop Bullying', and the last sentence is plit in half onto two bands and it is 'Show em' what you're worth')
I also have my Hogwarts watch with the four house crests as the numbers twelve, three, six and nine.
Eye colour:
Emerald green (I have glasses as well)
Short or long hair:
Short, but I'm growing it out because I want a braid.
Right now, my hair's just reached the bottom of my neck.
Six foot, one inch (185.4 cm)

What to do:
Go play the piano or read a book :)

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