The Life of Zoey Night

The Life of Zoey Night

this is a story im writing for my school project. i am well aware that it's rushed, i did that on purpose. it will make sense later. This is also my first story. Ever. (I dont think reposts count)

P.S. The pic is Zoey.

Chapter 2

I forgot to mention this is Percy Jackson themed. did it make sense? cuz it doesn't to me.

I let the animal think I was dying so it had me in its enormous mouth. But before it could chomp down, I struck the arrow into the roof of its mouth. What totally caught me off guard was the lion vanishing. I got sprayed with this dust and a coat fell on top of me like a blanket. Arrows were still flying and one hit my arm before someone, a girl, yelled,
The arrows immediately stopped. I was losing conscious very slowly but I still caught plenty of what they said.
"Who is that?" A boy spoke, one girl and one boy.
"It's probably a mortal with good eyesight. Come on, let's find this girl you mentioned." It's another boy, just three people.
"Shouldn't we check on her? I mean the lion was about to have her for dinner……." the second boy sounded worried.
"Fine, but we have to hurry it up because I want to finish this quest already. Living in California isn't the best option for Demi-gods." The girl's voice seemed familiar, I just couldn't pinpoint it.
I felt someone turned me the other way. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't see any more. I was losing the fight. The last things I heard before I lose conscious were:
"It's her!" The girl exclaimed.
"WHAT! I thought you said no one came to this forest!" The second boy bellowed.
"WELL I WAS WRONG!!! HAPPY, I WAS WRONG FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE! Now let's get her healed."

When I woke up, I opened up my eyes and saw a girl with blond hair and grey eyes looking for something. I turned my head and looked at my surroundings. I was still in the forest and it was still night. I had the coat from the lion on me.
"Ah good, you're awake," I tried to sit up but my left arm burned just as she pushed me back down, "don't. You still have the arrow in."
With my brain still goo, I slowly put the pieces together.
"Wait, Isabel? What are you doing here?"
"Drink this, it will help." She handed me a thermo. I drank a bit; it tasted like warm Cinnabon Stix.
"Hey, she woke up!" the kid I knew as Boy 1 shouted. He had brown curly hair and chocolate-brown eyes. "My name is Josh Underwood. How did you kill it? We've been trying to do that since we entered this town."
"Hi, I'm Tyler Rivers. You were very brave in coming down from that tree." Boy 2, or Tyler, had black hair and deep blue eyes.
"Well thanks, I think. I don't know how I killed it. I just… ouch!" Isabel took out the arrow on my arm rather roughly.
"I'm sorry! That one was deep," I knew she was lying but I decided to let it pass, "I know what you're going to ask. One, that was a Nemean lion and because you defeated it, its fur is yours. Two, the Greek Gods exist. Three, you, like Tyler and me, are Demi-gods. This means you're an offspring to one of the gods. And four, because you're a half-blood, you need to go to this camp specialized for us. The only problem, it's in Long Island, New York. If you don't come, it will be up to you to learn how to defend yourself against monsters."
"Whoa! Easy there! Give her time to procces it!" Josh tried to expain it in an easier way but i blurted out,
"I'm in!" I finally had a chance to get away from my dad and visit New York!

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