The Life of Zoey Night

The Life of Zoey Night

this is a story im writing for my school project. i am well aware that it's rushed, i did that on purpose. it will make sense later. This is also my first story. Ever. (I dont think reposts count)

P.S. The pic is Zoey.

Chapter 1

<if you can see the pic, its her guitar.

The light night breeze blew through my hair from the open window above the counter. It's Thanksgiving Day and I’m cooking dinner, no surprise. But what is a surprise is that my dad isn't yelling at me.
I heard the beep of the oven timer and quickly took out the pumpkin pie. Luckily I started the preparations earlier. I took plates out and headed towards the dining table. Of course, I set place for three people, but the second and third place is occupied by my mom and sister, who died together as my mom was giving birth. I eat in my room.
Ever since my mom and sister died, 6 years ago, my dad has been physically abusing me. Thank god he is smart enough to leave my arms clean of scars, not that I get any. It's very weird that I don't have any markings on my body despite all the beatings I get.
I guessed I haven't introduced myself, I'm Zoey Night. Don't let my past guide you into thinking that I'm broken, because I'm not. Quite opposite actually, I'm a very mature, protective, and usually a joyful person. I have boring, straight, light-brown hair and blue eyes; the only thing I like about myself. I have a low case of ADHD and dyslexia, compared to this girl, Isabel, who can't read a single word or stay still for more than 30 seconds. I'm 12 years old and, almost literally, music is my salvation.
I wouldn't have been into music if it wasn't for my neighbor, Danny Cortez. Danny has sandy-brown hair and grey eyes. He and his parents have been supporting me all the time. They don't care if it's 1 a.m., they will still let me into their home. Sometimes I feel like I'm abusing their kindness by coming into their home.
I was jerked out of my thoughts when somebody bumped into me and the plate I was holding tumbled out of my hands, and crashed into the floor, shattering into a million pieces.
I looked up and saw my dad about to blow a casket. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET A HOLD OF YOUR CLUMSINESS! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO SAVE MONEY," he grabbed me by the neck, choking me, and slammed me hard on the wall, right over the light switch, "AND YOU GO AROUND BREAKING PLATES!" He slammed me against the window this time, stabbing my lower back against the window sill.
I let out a strangled sob as he released me and crumpled to the floor. My back ached a lot but I didn't dare start crying because more will come. He seized me by the hair before I tried to stand up and started dragging me towards the garage.
'This is bad! This is very bad!' my mind and instincts were shouting inside of me. My heart racing inside my chest beat painfully against my ribs. He took me into the garage only once before. I ended up with 2 broken ribs, and a concussion. I won't even mention how many bruises I had, or how big they were. I didn't want to go through that again.
We were in front of the staircase, halfway to what seems will be my death. My ADHD kicked in and I somehow managed to trip him. I quickly scrambled to my feet. He had trouble getting up because of his big belly so I managed to run up the stairs and into my room before he got up. I hastily locked the door before the pounding and screaming came.
I decided that it'd be better if I gave him time to cool down before I face him again. It wouldn't be pretty, but it probably would be better than now because he had lost $200 in a bet and he was drunk. I didn't want to hear his insults the rest of the day or long enough for him to figure out that he had the key to my room.
So I crossed my room to the window. I yanked my window open and felt the now immense force of the wind blow my hair. I grabbed my guitar case, slung it over my shoulder, and balanced myself on the window ledge. I grabbed the nearest, strongest branch from the tree next to my window and climbed down. I slowly walked next door to my neighbor.
I was in front of Danny's door but didn't knock. They were probably enjoying Thanksgiving dinner or at the hospital, waiting for a new member of their family. Mrs. Cortez is pregnant with a baby girl and they're all very excited. I admit I'm jealous but it's the harmless kind. Either way I do not want to disturb them.
I decided to turn around and made my way down the road. There is this lake that has not been polluted and is far enough from town so you can see all the stars easily. It’s surrounded by this beautiful forest that makes me feel like I was transported into the old times; before the world became civilized. It’s a few miles away so my dad won’t find me by accident, more reason why I love it there!
I crossed the forest and came to a halt in front of the lake. I marveled at the chilly forest and the lake under the full moon. No matter how much I came here it never failed to amaze me how magical it looked. I studied the area around me for a place to sit down. I found this place under a tree that looked dry and comfortable.
I sat down and opened my guitar case. I love my guitar. I don' know who I got it from. One day, the same day I got involved in music, I came into my room and there it was, laying on the foot of my bed. It's purple with my surname in silver on its chocolate-brown neck.
My mind-babble was cut short by a loud roar. It was possibly a bear so I climbed the closest branch of the tree. I know bears can climb, I may have trouble reading but I'm not stupid; I'm avoiding the bear seeing me. I climbed a few more feet up the tree.
What I saw next shocked me. What came out of the forest looked like a lion. A giant lion. What was a lion doing in California? Let alone a town this small. There are no zoos or circus in town.
I looked at it more closely and noticed that the lion was the size of a pickup truck and its golden brown fur looked like it was a bit glittery. I was afraid of course, but my curiosity got the best of me.
Making the best decision for me, I climbed down to the lowest branch. Something whistled by my ear and thunked into the tree trunk behind me. I turned to see what it was and found it was an arrow. I looked around and noted that arrows were flying everywhere. They seemed to be bouncing off the lion instead of piercing it. I jumped off the tree and started to walk backwards into the forest. I didn't want to be a part of this game mostly because I didn't want to get shot.
The lion turned towards me. I was paralyzed by fear because its fangs looked like they were made out of stainless steel and claws of silver. It felt like someone pressed the "slow motion" button. First, before I realized the lion had started charging towards me, an arrow hit my thigh. I fell to my knees with a sob but that didn't take my attention off from the animal in front of me. I took the arrow out from my thigh but did not throw it away, I had an idea. It was crazy alright, but probably the only way to survive.

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