Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

new story! cause im bored...

Chapter 3

Delancy? is that french??

we were having a good time until a girl with super blonde hair came up to us. "Elaina, nice to see you again." she said and smiled at Elaina. it was almost a genuine smile. almost. "and you must be Charlotte. the charity- i mean the scholarship girl. congrats on making it into school. hope you can afford to keep up. toodles!" she said with a fake smile, then left. i watched her go. i looked her up and down, her outfit and then at my own. i didnt let her get to me though. she is gonna have a real problem in life once she starts going on her own without her daddy to protect her. "just ignore her, she isnt worth it." Elaina said with a soft smile. i smiled back "Who was that?" i asked. "Delancy. Delancy Devon. biggest priss you will ever meet. shes an heiress and a her mom used to be famous, so she has money coming out her ears. " she said. i just sighed and we went back to find our dorm room.
we unlocked it, to find the most amazing dorm room i have ever seen! the walls were green and yellow, with 2 green size canopy beds on either side of the room, both with walk in closets and one bathroom to share. it was huge and we even had 2 desks, a giant white sofa, and a huge TV. this school, is amazing!
"Which side do you want?" i asked. "Left. because im Left handed." she said and smiled. she walked over to the bed and started unpacking her bags.
i walked to right and did the same. her closet was stuffed with designer clothes and shoes and hand bags, mine was about a third of way full, mostly with target and walmart clothes. i even brought my prom dress knowing i was gonna need it for some sort of event.
i walked out of my closet seeing Elaina standing there. her arms were crossed and eyebrows were raised. "honey, no offense, but no one is gonna take you seroiusly in those clothes. im taking you shopping!" she said. "what? no, i cant let you!" i said. "Darling, my dad owns half of London, and my mom is a huge designer! i can get you clothes for free. Lets go!" she grabbed a coat and started walking out the door....

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