Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

new story! cause im bored...

Chapter 26

Number 8, Charlie Tharsten

we walked on to the field and i saw everyone was stretching in the middle of the field. then Coach Pia came over to us. "hello, you must be Charlie. you can leave your jacket with your....friend, and join the rest of the ladies stretching." she said and smiled. i nodded, handed my jacket to Darcy and then jogged to the field. "Ladies, this is Charlie, shes training with us today. she got a glowing recommendation from Mia Hamm herself, so i expect you to make her feel welcome." Coach Pia said. i looked up and i looked at Darcy who shrugged his shoulders. "Coach Mia sent you a letter about me?" i asked her as i continued to stretch. "yes, a glowing letter i might add. i don't think Mia usually glows like that about just anybody. i understand that you were accepted into the University of Indiana, on full scholarship? that's impressive." she said. i smiled and continued to stretch. we got up and started doing drills.

eventually all the girls saw my talent, and were being extremely nice to me. but genuinely nice, not fake nice. "break! 10 minutes. get water! then we will scrimmage. Charlie! come see me." she said and walked towards her seat. i grabbed a water bottle and walked over to her. all the other girls were talking and drinking water so they couldn't hear us. "Charlie i am extremely impressed that you are keeping up with my girls who have been on the world team for years. how many years have you been playing soccer?" she asked me. "16 years. since i could walk pretty much." i said. "when was the last time you took a day off? other than being sick or injured or a holiday." she asked. "um....when i go on vacation i usually run, and maybe juggle, but i dont lift weights or anything like that." i said. "okay, when was the last time you didnt do anything but just lay around, no juggling, running, swimming for training, or anything of that sort." she asked. "oh! um, probably not since....hmm eighth grade i think?" i said. she raised her eyebrows at me. i shrugged my shoulders, then Alex Morgan called me over, so i went back to the girls.

we got split up into teams, and then we started scrimmaging. i was put in midfield, next to Abby Wambach. at one point, the ball was in the opposite end, so i was more ahead of where i would normally be. i saw the ball get kicked towards one of my teams defenders, and they booted it up to me, when i settled it and then realized everyone was too far off to stop me, so i dribbled as quickly as i could. i dodged a slide tackled from a few defenders, and i took a risky shot, but i made it. i cheered and my team came over and jumped around with me. then it kept going like that. eventually moved me to forward, and then my game really picked up. i ended up scoring 3 goals, and my team was definitely winning. at the end, i assisted in another goal, and we won.
we all jumped around and cheered a lot and hugged everyone. then the coach sat us down in the middle of the field, and then we saw the other team come in, they were playing a game in a few hours.

"alright ladies, go rest and be back her an hour before the game to do warm ups. Charlie, come see me in my office please." she said and started walking away. a few of the girls gave me goodbye hugs. i quickly jogged after Coach and entered her office. "Charlie, i want to cut to the chase. i want you to be on the team. you're very talented, you are extremely dedicated, and you are the perfect age. but the only problem is you're in highschool, in London." she said. "um, actually coach, the dean of my school told me i could graduate next week, i have enough credits to even knock out the first semester of my freshman year of college. so i could be living here in less than 2 weeks. if that makes a difference." i said. she said that she needed to call the U of Indiana for permission, and to see if i could start taking online classes in 2 weeks to start my second semester early. they agreed and then she called the dean and i was all set. "i will order your jersey, and i want you playing as soon as possible. please stay for today's game, i'll even let you sit on the sidelines with the team. and your boyfriend too." she said. i smiled, signed the contract, and left. Darcy was on the field talking to the girls, most of whom were the girls i'd talked to during practice, like Sidney, Abby, Christy, Megan, Alex, Hope, and Tobin. they all turned to look at me. "what did coach say?" they asked. "just that im moving to cali in 2 weeks to be on the team." i said and smiled. everyone was so excited. we screamed and jumped around. soon they had to go, and we did too, but i assured them that we'd be back for the game. so Darcy and i left to go back to our hotel room.

"Darcy, are you sure you are okay?" i asked him. "are you kidding me? im so happy for you! i'm going to miss you like crazy at school, but that's what phone and webcams are for. i'll be back with you as soon as school is out! made the national team!" he said and spun me around. i giggled and kissed him. "i feel bad, im ditching the team at school, and im the captain. i know Tess will make a great captain, and the girls season is almost over, but i still feel bad. Coach Mia didn't seem surprised when i told her though. i'll be at school for a week to collect my things, and then i start online classes for the U of I to finish my second semester since i had enough credits to knock out my first semester." i said. "my girlfriend is on the US national team, and she's a genius. obviously i need to step up my game." Darcy said and kissed me. "i like you just the way you are, thanks." i said and kissed him back. i changed and we ate lunch, and then it was time for the game. "i could get used to sideline seating." Darcy said and i laughed.

we watched the game, talked with the players during the game, and we won! they won, but i am a part of them now. that is crazy to think about. finally on the national team! it's what i've been waiting for my whole life, and now i finally got it. it was well worth the wait!

TBC! yay! world team! there is only 4 more chapters left. i will finish it at exactly 30 chapters. i have loved writing this story, and im sad to see it end, but i know its time. ENJOY!

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