Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

Boarding school? Heck to the No! (girls only)

new story! cause im bored...

Chapter 2

Here we go...

"Charlotte! come on, we have to get going or your going to miss your train!" my Aunt Hannah shouted up at me. it was 1 in the afternoon and i was finishing packing up all my stuff. ugh why must i go to this stupid boarding school? i dont want to be the weird nerd girl all over again i thought to myself. before you jump to conclusions im not a bad kid. im not a trust fun baby or dutchesses daughter or anything. im going to the best ranked boarding school in all of the world on scholarship. this is great news for my college transcripts! but its bad news for me. im the new girl. again.
ever since i was a little kid i've moved around a lot. my parents died in a car crash when i was only 2 and so i dont remember them. my Aunt Hannah took me in since she was my only living relative. she doesnt have any kids, other than me. im scared she will get lonely while im gone, but she assures me that she will be fine.
thank goodness this boarding school is in Englnd cause i cant handle having to go to india or something. i dont even know if im gonna be able to survive anyways. i
i ran down the stairs, suitcases and all, straight into the car. it was an hour to the train station and 2 hours to the airport and then 11 hours to england, then another hour on the train to the school. we live in the very small town in california. its nice without so many people, hard without a small airport.
after all my train rides and things, it was 9 oclock 2 days later in England. orientation was at 9:30. so i rushed to find where everyone was and sign in and find my roommate. our suitcases get taken to our rooms for us. my roommate was Elaina Claire. she goes my E.C. or ellie. we got the green key chains. every room has a key, one a color coordinated neck chain. ours was green. with room 306 - Jamison Hall on it in black letters.
i stood there waiting for Ellie to come and meet me. finally a gorgeous girl came and tapped me on the shoulder. "Charlotte??" she asked. i smiled. "Hi. you must be Elaina. you can call me charlie by the way." i said. she smiled too. "so your a scholarship student right?" she asked. "yeah, i hope you dont mind. i know it sucks to be known as the weird girls friend." i said and frowned. "i dont mind! maybe you can help me if i start flunking a class which i know i will!" she smiled and laughed. we spent all of orientation together. we were having a really good time until...

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