Confessions of Love-A George Weasley love story:12


Chapter 1

The date part 2

I got up and left. Right when I got out of Three Broomsticks, I ran. I wasn't the type to cry over things like this. I've been through much worse. One Quidditch match, I got knocked off my broom by a Bludger right in the face. No crying, and I still played the rest of the match. But now I just dont know. I felt as though I would cry but the tears didn't come. I didn't know were I was going. Just as I was about to stop and think about what just happend I ran into someone. When I looked up I found myself face to face with Oliver Wood. Oliver fell backwards, and I tripped and fell on top of him. Once we had hit the ground I lifted up my head and blew the hair out of my face. Me and Oliver looked at each other. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I said, putting my hands on his chest and pushed myself up so I was sitting upright on the ground. Oliver sat up. "Let me help you up." I said, holding out my hand. Oliver smiled and took it. We didn't say anything for a long time. Oliver was the first to break the silence. "So you're alright, then?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." I smiled. "So, you wanna go grab a drink at the Three Broomsticks?" he asked me. This caught me by suprise. I was sure it was just a friendly thing. I was about to say sure, but then I caught myself. What if George was still there? I wouldn't want to make things worse. But then again, why would he stay? He would have nothing to stay for, unless he wanted to drink away his feelings. No one would want to see George tipsy on pumpkin juice, because let's face it that would just be horrible. But what was I gonna say to Oliver I was still dating George. I guess I got lost in thought because Oliver touched my cheek and said "Bri you wanna come? I understand if you don't." "I uh...uh..." I got lost looking into his eyes. "I guess... it's just George. I don't know what he'll do if he sees me with you." I said slowly. "Well I guess we'll worry about that when it happens." When he said that I felt my spine tingle. I followed Oliver back to the Three Broomsticks. I peered carefully through the window before going in, just to make sure George wasn't still there. "Bri, you worry to much." Oliver laughed. We found a table for 2 and had ordered 2 glasses of pumpkin juice. Soon we were laughing and joking, and imitating the Slytherins faces when Gryffindor kicks their butt in the upcoming Quidditch match. "You know, Bri, your pretty cool." Oliver smiled. "Um, thanks." I said. "Your pretty cool too." We talked a bit more about Quidditch, and then I decided I should leave. "Umm..sorry, but I think I should go." "But..why?" Oliver asked, his face was filled with dissapointment. "I really should go and talk to George." I stood up. "Oh..umm...alright. Well, ill see you at the game then, I guess." Oliver stood up too. "Bye!" I walked out the door and into the snow filled streets. I looked back through the window at Oliver. He was still sitting there, sipping his pumpkin juice, with a sad look on hs face. I felt a pang of guilt. But I had to talk to George. I turned away and walked back towards the castle. Once I got to the Gryffindor common room, I dropped my Zonkos bag on the couch in front of the fire. "George?!" I yelled. "George?! Where are you??" I started to run up to the boys dorm, when suddenly, the stairs turned into a ramp, and I slid back down. I screamed in suprise. Once the stairs where stairs again, George ran down. "Whats going on?" he asked worridly. "Its okay. Im right here. Im fine." I said, raising my hand so he could see me, since i was on the ground, and he was quiet tall. "Thank goodness. I thought you were hurt." George offered his hand, and I took it. We both stood in silence. Then, I flew against him and hugged him tightly. "Im so sorry!" I said. "It's completly impossible to stay mad at you." George returned my hug. "Im sorry to. It was wrong to leave you alone when we had a date." We stood there with our arms wrapped around each other for a bit. When we fianlly let go, George said "We should head down to the Great Hall. Im starving." "Okay." I smiled. Let's go, love." he said, taking my hand and walking me down to the Great Hall. We took a seat. "To make up for it, why dont we play a prank on Malfoy?" George smiled mischievously. "Sure!" I smiled. "When?" I asked. "Tonight."


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