Sand Is Everywhere But So Is Darkness (A Sasuke Uchiha && Gaara Of the Sand Love Story)

I love Naruto && I hve read a LOT of stories on Quibblo about them! I hope you like it!(: Plz comment!

Chapter 1


Name: Katsu Tora (Bloody Tiger)
Nickname: Tor or Tiger
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Weapon of Choice: Her eyes or a blade that only a member of the Katsu Clan can wield.
Teammates: The Sand Siblings but refuses to treat them as so becasue she fears she will kill them.
Hair: Long blond with Green Highlights
Eyes: Normal- Green, Sharigan- Red like Sasuke's or Itachi's
Skin Tone: Tan
Clan: Last Katsu Member because she killed them
Curses: Curse Mark && Edom, the Ten-Tailed Tiger
Home Village: Sand Village
Clothing: A green half tank top, black short shorts, && green shoes like the characters in Naruto
Tattoo's: A vine on her right arm that goes from her shouler to the palm of her hand && a vine on her left leg that goes from the very beginning of her thigh to the bottom of her foot.

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