A Letter Never Sent

This is for AlwaysApartOfMe's picture story contest! Enjoy!

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Mr. Martin has just given us our one hundred twenty seventh vocab word. It is November 13th. Do the math.

Our homework is to write a "well-developed, typed, and edited paragraph" about a story we haven't even finished yet.

He shows us a video of darth vader dancing to You Can't Touch This. (the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIRQf0S3oD0)

Mr. Martin is insane.

English is over. Thank god.

The rest of the morning goes on as usual. Ms. Anderson in science, cracking jokes, Ms. Jones in math, making us lug around impossibly huge textbooks (I like her, but the textbooks weigh like a gazillion pounds...), Mr. Simon in music, giving people lunch detention, Ms. Harvey in health, who nobody pays attention to...

When it is lunchtime (finally), I sit in the same spot as usual: first table, third seat, right side. We don't really have assigned seats, that's just how it always ends up working. My friends (cough, cough) surround me, chattering about who's dating who, and who ditched who, and who kissed who, and God knows what else. I tune them out, and look around.

At the table to the lift are the jocks. Almost everyone else in our little clique has a boyfriend on the football team. Let's make a little list:
Angelica is dating Sam, the center. Angelica is overly bubbly, so skinny I think she might be anorexic, and always looks like she has a pinched nose.
Nikki is dating Asher, the running back. Nikki is just awful. She is the gossip queen, the most arrogant person on earth, flips her hair constantly, and thinks that if anyone insults her she has the right to slap them. Your classic mean girl.
Vanessa is dating Jacob, the wide reciever. Vanessa is... gosh. How do I describe Vanessa? Low-cut shirts, texting during class. I don't quite know why she is so popular, as she is kind of biiitchy.
Rosalyn is dating Mike, the middle linebacker. Rosalyn is kinda a Nikki wannabe. They're really close. Enough said.
Courtney is dating Josh, the defensive tackle. Courtney is so rediculous. She goes around obnoxiously singing and hugging people.
Gwen is dating Noah, the kicker. Gwen is tiny, and it seems like she has chronic sugar rushes 24/7. She dresses in bright colors, is obsessive, and jumps up and down. A lot.

Next table. More boys. These are the boys that are not jocks or nerds or losers. Just kind of there. Logan, Aaron, Tucker, and Connor.

I have a major crush on Logan. He is just wonderful. Lets start with looks. Dark brown hair that covers about half of his ears, sparkling green eyes, and two inces taller than me. And his personality? Even better. He plays the guitar and sings. He laughs at jokes. He smiles.

This is a bit of a problem for me, because I am the most popular girl in the grade. Logan is not the most popular boy in the grade. Nikki is trying to get me to ask Luke, the quarterback, out. She says that we are meant for each other. I disagree. Luke has sandy blond hair, light blue eyes, huge muscles, and at least 20 ex-girlfriends. Yeah.

Anyway, lets move on to out next table. These girls are the equivelant of the last few boys. They seem so nice. And they're friendship is real, not faked, like mine. I'm jealous. Looking at their table, I know this is where I belong. But they all hate me. They look at me like I'm the ice queen or something, as awful as Nikki. I don't like it at all.

Next table over: the girl "losers." They seem nice too, honestly. A little silly, maybe, but better that the clique. Better than where I am now.

Now we get to the tricky part. The next table over is almost like a second clique, with just three members. Brooke, Ashley, and Monica sit there, giggling like the funniest thing in the world just happened and they couldn't get over it. Ashley is a pretty nice girl who befrended Brooke who is new this year. I don't see what's so great about her, but she is really popular. It really pains me to talk about Monica. She came in third grade, and was kind of an outcast. I was the one who rescued her, and even though she wasn't uber popular (ugh), we were super close friends. Until now. She hated Brooke for the first few weeks of school, but then they somehow decided to become like BFFs and hug twenty times a minute. So now Ashley, Brooke, and (sadly) Monica are a mini-clique. Yay.

Last table. Nerdy boys. Awkward people.

So that's my grade. My would-be boyfriend, Luke comes over to our table, with a shifty smile on his face.

"Hey, girls."

"Hi, Luke," the rest of the clique choruses, sighing dreamily. They disgust me, but I play along.

"So, I know some of my crew are going to Cookie's after school," he says, radiating coolness. I know what he is about to say. I prayed that this moment would never come. I always knew it would.

"I was wonderin' if Sapphire wants to come with me."

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