A Letter Never Sent

This is for AlwaysApartOfMe's picture story contest! Enjoy!

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Chapter 11


One year later

Math is over. Finally.

I take a seat at my usual table, in between Sage and Harper.

"What's for lunch today, Nicole?"

She looks through her bought lunch with disgust. I think it's grilled cheese, but I'm not sure.

"Um... it said turkey sandwich. But that doesn't look like turkey."

Poor Nicole. She never has time to make lunch in the morning.

"It's okay, I brought extra for you." I say, laughing. I open my lunchbox and empty out the contents. Apple juice box (never too old for them!), clementine, cookie, and two real turkey sandwiches. I hand one to Nicole.

It's been a year since the bombing. Our town rebuilt itself, and we rebuilt ourselves too. My life has changed so much since then. Changed for the better.

Nikki got really addicted to drugs. She had to go to rehab and the whole clique fell apart. I took this as an opportunity to make new friends. Now, the people I hang out with after school are the people I want to be with. They're so much nicer than all my old friends. I wish I'd realized that sooner.

I'm still dating Logan. I help him write and perform songs. His friends are really cool, too.

When I get home that day, I see a letter on my dresser. Curious I open it.


This is so hard to say. And I'm too much of a coward to say this to your face.

I wrote this letter a year ago. The day we were bombed.

I read it twice. A drop of water lands on the paper, and I realize I'm crying.

I love you.

Thank God I never had to send it! Awkward!

I stop crying. Because I love my life. I really did learn a lesson. It sucks that something really bad had to happen to make me snap out of it, but hey, at least it worked, right?

I love you. <3

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