A Letter Never Sent

This is for AlwaysApartOfMe's picture story contest! Enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

/December 26, 2007/

It was Christmas. I loved the holidays more than anything. My whole family did. It was a time to be cheerful, and just have fun.

It was my father, my sister, my mother and me. Jenna had been born three years after me. We looked nothing alike. I suppose I looked more like my father, with my strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes, while she took after mom, with fiery red hair and freckles.

It was a perfect day for Christmas. There was a fresh coat of snow and a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace. I couldn't wait.

Jenna and I woke up, and raced into our parents' room. They stood waiting for us, smiling.

We went into the living room, where the big Christmas tree stood. We rushed to the table, and laughed, delighted to see that our stockings were full. The day rushed by far too quickly, full of cookies and snowball fights. We went to bed smiling. It was the best day ever.

I close my third grade journal, feeling no better than two minutes ago. It is 2015 now, and so much has changed. My father died of lung cancer, leaving my mother torn to pieces. My sister was hit by a car, and had to get half her arm amputated. But the worst thing is what the Earth has turned into.

A quarter of the US is underwater. Global warming got unexpectedly worse. A lot worse. And we're in the middle of a huge war over who should get to fix it.

If there is a good side to this all, its that I've gotten so good at acting happy when I'm not that all the teachers suck up to me. I have gone from a C+ average to straight As. Which means I was able to drop both of my tutors, and get an allowance again. So I have nice clothes, which puts me pretty much at the top of the social pyramid.

So I've got good grades and a million friends. But it doesn't make a difference to me. I hate myself. For pretending. For lying. Nobody will ever love me for who I am. Because I am not the girl all my "friends" think I am. I'm not the bubbly, cheerful person who loves shopping and sleepovers. I have no interest in nail polish or fashion. I like art, and theater, and true friends. If only I had some.

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