I Am A Soldier

Chapter 1

We Go To War

Bullet shots and screams echoed in the air. Francis could feel a bullet blaze straight past his head. He knew he might not be so lucky next time. Ducking down behind a mound of dirt, he glanced over it, seeing the enemy and the wounded. He aimed his gun at a enemy soldier. Realizing that the soldier was only a boy, maybe of 16 or 17, he started to look for someone else. Then he recalled the words that had been drilled in his head so many times.
"Do not judge someone because of their age. No matter what, the will kill you because of that. Show now mercy.".
Francis, gulping, aimed back at the boy.
And pulled the trigger.
The boy fell down, blood sputtering out of a hole in his chest. Francis flinched upon hearing the boys screams of agony. But their was nothing he could do. Francis heard some duck by him and glanced to see who it was.
It was Demin, Francis' best friend. He was sweating and blood was all over him. Francis' eyes started to widen, for he thought Demin was injured. Demin noticed and shook his head. It was someone elses blood.
But who's? They never got close to any enemy to kill them where blood would splatter paint their uniforms red. It must have been someone from their side.
Francis pushed the thought about who it might be out of his head. Demin and Francis shot as many enemy soldiers as the could, untill finally they fleed.
They had done it. They had claimed the hill. Everyone stood up after they made sure the enemies where gone, and cheered, throwing hard hats into the air. Even the wounded cheered, though not for long, for they were carried out or they passed away. Francis said a silent pray for the wounded and the dead.
"So," he said to Demin. "Who's blood is that?"
Demin looked very nervous all of the sudden. Francis didn't know why though.
"It's...." Demin started to say.'
"Oh God...no, no.." Francis started to whisper, all the happiness of the battle being won drawn out of him.
Demin looked Francis straight in the eyes.
"It's Motoko's.".
Francis fell to his knees. No. No, this can't be. Not Motoko. She couldn't be dead.
Francis held back the tears that almost spilled over.
"But.." Demin said. "She's alive still.".
"What?!" Francis yelled, jumping up.
"They took her back to the base. Come on, I'll take you to her.".
They both started to run to the nearest chopper and got in. Both of the boys stared at the landscape below them, the mass of green. When they reached the camp, everyone was very busy, rushing around. When they landed, Demin and Francis jumped out and ran to the infirmary, where the screams of wounded echoed all around. A horrid sight welcomed them when they rushed in. Blood and guts everywhere, doctors and nurses rushing around with blood on their white uniforms and hands. A young nurse walked over to them, her red hair in a bun.
"What can I help you with?" she said quickly, wanting to go back to work.
"Where is Motoko at?" Francis said quickly, not wanting to waste any time.
"The very back. She might be a little loopy though." and with that, the nurse run off to a wounded man who's leg had been blown off.
Francis and Demin rushed to the very back, where there were less doctors and less screaming. It wasn't hard to find Motoko, seeing as how her green hair gave her away in the white tent.
"Motoko!" Francis yelled, running over to her side.
"Hey Francis." Motoko said.
She didn't look very loopy though she did look like she was weary and in pain. The bed sheet covered her whole body up to her neck.
"What happened to you?!" Francis rushed, sitting on a wooden chair beside her.
"Well..." she said, pulling the bed sheet away.
Francis gasped. Other then the fact that her left arm was completely gone, she looked fine.
"Yeah.." she said, glancing down at the stump. "Gernade."
"My God..." Francis whispered.

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