The Seas Daughter

The Seas Daughter

I know I have a lot stories going on but, I promised a story and here it is.

This is set during On Stranger Tides and it is the story of a pirate even more feared than Davy Jones and Black Beard combined. This is the story of Samantha 'Sam' Jones. The daughter of the late Davy Jones and Calypso. She joins the gang on their journey to The Fountain Of Youth and puts her own twist on things.

Chapter 1

This Is Going To Be Fun

A/N: The picture at the title of the story is Sam/The Bloody Maiden. The picture at the title of the chapter is Sam's tattoo. It's on her right wrist. Enjoy.

So, here I am, The daughter of Davy Jones, The most feared pirate in the world and I was sitting in a dingy little pub, waiting for Teage to motion me forward. He was talking to his son, Jack Sparrow, Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow. He was telling him how to get to The Fountain Of Youth and he wanted me to go with him. Jack didn't even know I was there. Just lurking in the shadows, waiting to reveal myself and my god, would he have a shock. They Both took large gulps of rum and then I saw the signal. I started walking forward, still in the shadows. "Now, Jackie, there's someone I want you to meet." He said. I stayed just inside the shadows so, he couldn't see me. Jack looked at his father questioningly. "She will be a lot of help on this journey." Jack seemed to less than pleased. "I've had enough of women to last me a life time." He groaned. "Well, then. I guess I should just leave, huh?" I asked sarcastically, walking out of the shadows. He gave me a nod. "Jack, I believe you've heard of her." Teage continued, as Jack took another large gulp of rum. "The Bloody maiden." Jack started choking on his drink and Teage laughed while I just smirked. Jack looked up at me with wide eyes, shocked eyes. "Prove it." He said. "How?" I asked and he thought for a minute before a thought struck him. "The tattoo. It's said that you have a cross tattoo on your right wrist." He said. I stuck out my right wrist for him to see the tattoo and as he inspected it, his eyes got wider. "You're really her, aren't you?" He asked as he let go of my wrist. "I am." I replied with yet another smirk. Jack then turned to his father. "How on earth do you know her?" He asked incredulously. "She helped me out a few years ago. She said she heard about you going after the fountain and wanted to help." He replied. Jack then turned back to me. "Why would you want to help me?" He asked. "Because, I'm bored and you sound interesting." I replied. That seemed to perk him up and he held out his hand for mine. I took his hand but, instead of shaking it, he kissed it. "Do that again and you'll find out why, I'm the most feared pirate in the world." I said with a sickly sweet smile. He gulped and took another drink. This was going to be fun.


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