WINNERS of the 2011 Quibblo Choice Awards

OK, it is time for me to announce your winners!! But i just want to say thank you for everyone who voted, and if you didn't win then don't be discouraged. All of your stories are great. :)
Thanks for letting me be your judge.


Chapter 1


Best Love Story:
Sunset's Heart by TeamAlbusSeverusPotter

Best Group Story
Stay Strong by: TeamAlbusSeverusPotter and Team Jacob

Best Twilight Love Story
Not a Second to Waste by love_danny

Best Percy Jackson Love Story
A Crazy Thing Called Love by IcecreamAndSprinkles and Artemis101

Best Micheal Jackson Story
The Girl is Mine by iLove_MikeyJ

Best Harry Potter love story (includes a fred love story, sirius etc.)
Crazier- A Harry Potter/Ginny Love Story by IcecreamAndSprinkles

Best Draco Malfoy Love Story
Love Such a Silly Game we Play by Kinewnew

Best Star Kid (love) Story
How I Became a Starkid by MrsGeenaCriss

Best Glee Story
Glee: A Finn and Puck Love Story by JacobCullenJonasFANPIRE93

A Girl's Story by TeamAlbusSeverusPotter

Best Justin Bieber Love Story
Never Let you Go by JustinBieberGirl345

Best Darren Criss Love Story
What a Flammable Heart I've Been Given by MrsGeenaCriss

Best Hunger Games fan Fic.
Blood, Betrayal, and Berries by FoxFace

Best Hunger Games Love Story
The Last Hunger Games by IcecreamAndSprinkles

But now it's time to announce the Best Author of 2011 Award on Quibblo.....


The Winner is:

IcecreamAndSprinkles Congratulations you won the title for the Best Author for 2011 on Quibblo.

Wear your title proudly, and keep writing. Thank you guys and have a wonderful holiday!!

-Skye your judge(:

Please share your thanks to others in a comment below, and if you want to give a short speech(lol) about how thankful you are if you won, and for Thanksgiving please do


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