Something In The Air -Jacob Black Love Story-

Name: Jenny Anne Smythe
Description: Jenny is 19 years old, 5ft 8' tall, with dark brown eyes and blonde hair. she is reserved and lovable but can be lazy and is scared of cats.
Best Friends: Chris Johnson, Katherine Haliday,
Siblings: Julie Smythe, Sean Smythe,

This is Jenny Smythe. - -

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Fear was in my eyes. There they were. A tear trickling down my eye..then falling to the ground, as I gave up I bended down to my knees. I thought to myself 'This..will be...the last life.' This wasn't where I wanted to be when I... died. five 7 foot werewolves. all wanting too attack.... me

I closed my eyes. There was nothing that I could do... to make them not attack me.. Then, a brown werewolf with a light brown color came.. and attacked the black werewolf. I quickly ran away. Knowing I'd get hurt if I had stayed there. I looked back, and leaned on a tree. I called Katherine to give me a ride home.

I was watching the fight, like a boxing competition on ESPN. But i wasn't cheering for anyone. I said C'ya later to Kathy on the phone, and hung up. Putting my phone in my jean pocket. Finally the fight was over. The brown werewolf turned human. and had blood on some of his arm. he then
He walked too me.. Introducing himself. 'Hi. I'm Jacob Black.' he said, 'I'm Jenny Smythe. Nice to meet you. Now bye, I've gotta catch my ride home!' I said nervously, like a person trying to avoid someone. 'Hold on, It's fine. I know your scared. it's just that those guys piss me off.' Jacob said. 'Can you please...just..stay? you look like a fun person to hang around with.'

Part of me said Yes, the other said..No. I said 'O-okay.' that fear in my eyes again. He took my hand, and led me into the forest. a place with no trees. where you can just see..the stars. I sat down, looking at the stars. he scuffed my hair with his fingers. and placed his hand on my face.. I looked at his eyes..and leaned in, we kissed. I was smiling, I felt a chill in my body. I was running my fingers through his jet-black hair. I pushed him to the ground, and then realized what I was doing, I suddenly stopped, and got up from the ground. 'I-i'm sorry. I don't w-wanna do this..' I stuttered, Kathy honked the car horn, I ran towards the sound.

A/N Please comment if you like it! I know it's short, but it's a short story.


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