From Dusk To Dawn

Vampire love story. O_O
Chapter one photo: Leda

Chapter 1


I was stepping out of my two story house onto the paved sidewalk. It was 2:30 in the morning. I just had to get away. My parents were fighting again. I just couldn't deal with it. The leaves had fallen to the ground. It was October and snowfall was just near the corner. I plugged in my headphones and stuck the earbuds in my ear to listen to my favorite band, paramore. I heard my music, the crunching leaves and the soft purring wind in my ears. Every time I breathed a small about of fog came out of my nose. It was getting colder, I pulled my black coat tight around me and kept walking. It had been about an hour or so into the walk. I felt like someone was watching me. I instantly
stopped and looked around. I took out my headphones and said 'hello?' no one answered. I kept walking at a faster pace now. I could hear my footsteps echoing in the empty night. There was a park coming up, surely I could be safe
there. I ran to the empty, old abandoned amusement park and went inside. It was spooky to say the least. The rides were worn down and rusted from the rain and snow. I still felt like an unknown character was following me. I turned around and my heart stopped. There was a group of guys standing before me. They didn't have friendly expressions on their faces. The dim lighting didn't allow me to see them that well. They stepped closer to me almost in sync.
'you are trespassing' one of them said in a low snake like whisper. My heart beat faster and I stepped back. I hit something hard and looked behind me. A blue eyed man stood behind me. He was incredibly handsome his face features were distinct and his hair stood perfectly, laying right at eye level.
's-sorry' I stuttered. He smirked and I seen what I thought was impossible, a fang.
"she's mine boy's" he said in a sort of lusty tone. He grabbed my thin arm and pulled me a long. My black and pink hair flew in the wind. He took me to an abandoned warehouse that was filled with nothing but a few reading supplies and a bed. He threw me on the bed.
"stay here, if you don't I will find you" he said the look in his said he would. I stayed put for a few hours almost falling asleep. He then got back. He smiled at me showing his fangs. He then sat down right next to me. I could feel the cold radiating off of him. He was undead. He nuzzled my neck with his nose. I just sat there and hoped he wouldn't kill me. He smelled my neck and then traced his long fingers down it in then traced my collarbone. I held my breath while he did this. I was scared. He got up, he seemed like he was thinking. I just sat there staring up at him in the dim light. I started to bite my lip. He inhaled deeply and looked at me.
"You're bleeding" Was all he said. I looked at him confused. I surely wasn't I would be able to taste it. I felt my lip and sure enough there was a small amount of blood resting on the tip of my finger. All I could do now was wait. He started pacing. I decided to strike a conversation. Surely he couldn't be as bad as he seemed...Could he?
"Um I'm Leda what's your name?" I smiled at him. He looked at me and smirked.
"Keegan" He said simply. I nodded it was a very fitting name.
"Nice, how old are you" I instantly regretted that question. But he started to laugh.
"I turned at 18"
"Really? And how old are you in vampire years?"
He sighed and shook his head. I took that as a sign to just shut up.
an hour had passed as we sat in silence. I was curious if I would ever be able to go home.
"Yes you will be able to. Tomorrow. I'll get you out of here safely" He said like he could read my mind.
"H-ho-how did you do that?" I stuttered.
"Your face it's easier to read than a children's book"
I laughed.
"I don't get that often" It was the honest truth. He half smiled. His fangs showed but they were hardly frightening anymore.
"When daylight comes we will leave"
"Why then?"
"It's when vampires aren't as strong as they are at night, it's our best bet to get away."
"So you also won't be as strong?"
"There's always an exception" He said mysteriously. "You should sleep" He finished. I lied down on my back and stared at the old shacks ceiling. I had a feeling nothing would ever be the same again.

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