Reblog if......SO TRUE!!!!!!

Yeah the title says it....
it's not a mystery ;)
I just had to make this
cuz they're all so true
and cool!!!

Chapter 1

Reblog if.....

Reblog if. . .

Reblog if as a child you used to draw the sun in the corner of the paper :)

Reblog if you never realized that after Monday and Tuesday, the calendar says W T F.

Reblog if you tell people you are just tired when you are actually sad.

Reblog if you enter the shower like this: You chill out naked with one arm outstretched into the falling water and wait until it is hot enough.

Reblog if you count how many hours of sleep you will get right before you go to bed.

Reblog if you are online reading this right now ;)

Reblog if you hate Sunday evenings because it is almost Monday again.

Reblog if you are alive right now.

Reblog if when you hear yourself crunching food you wonder if other people can hear them too.

Reblog if this ever happens to you
YOU: Mom, can I go?
Mom: Ask your Dad.
YOU: Dad, can I go?
Dad: Ask your Mom.

Reblog if you type as many lyrics as you can remember into Google just to find the title of a song.

Reblog if you ever tried to finish your dream by going back to sleep again after waking up. (YESH I DO!!! :D)

Reblog if all of these things are so true!!!!

Okay these are just a few I made or found so if you find more you want to add to the list just message me or comment so i'll add it. :)

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