To my beloved friend who has just passed away.

Chapter 1

I love you Abby. Always have and always will.

R.I.P. Abby!!!!! DX

I am numb writing this. My hands are shaking, the tears are rolling down my cheeks, and she was the one i usually cried to when i had these problems. It doesn't help that my step-mom hates me right now and that my dad is on a buisness trip.

Abby was my twin. (A friend who is sooooooo like me its scary). She was my very first friend that i ever had and we stayed friends.

She was in a band, the drummer. She did gymnastics, and she LOVED to draw nature and take pics. She wasn't into singing. She spoke English, French, Spanish and Italian.

There wasn't a day when she didn't smile, laugh, pulled pranks, and/or made new friends. She was always there when you needed her, a shoulder to cry on or a friend to kick the guts out of that person that made you cry.

She was taken by the most sweetest guy on the planet, he was always there for her, but then he had to move. They both agreed that the long distance relationship wouldn't work.

She was bullied because she wasn't afraid to be herself. She dressed the way she wanted not because she wanted to be cool. She felt sorry for the people who made fun of her because they were afraid. She would always smile and comfort them when they were sad, even though the very next day they would go back to making fun of her. She was cut down, and mentally and physically beaten up, her family tore apart, and she was losing hope.

Today, 11-18-2011 was the last day that i saw her. I said goodbye not knowing that i would never see her again, not knowing that i would never get to hear her laugh again, not knowing that my first best friend in the whole wide world would never get married and have children of her own.

Suicide sucks, and my friend, Abby, is just one of the victims. Know this if those people had just left her alone she might be alive today. Today when she died no one would have guessed she planned it. She was all happy and laughing and gave me advice for what dress i should wear to the next dance.

Abby I love you like a sister. You will always be in my heart, mind, and soul. I will never forget about you and your dreams. I will never again get to see your shining face.

I know that she wouldn't want me to be sad, but i cant be happy. She just tore my heart apart, ripped my soul in two.

I am mad at her but nothing compared to those bullies on monday when school starts i will confront them and tell them what they did.

Abby was found dead in the park with a multiple letters in her hand. Addressed to me, her brother, her sister, and the boy that had to move.

I miss you Abby.

You're Broken Hearted Twin Brie.


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